Staples Laptop (HP Pavilion dv5046EA)

  Ninja Pedro 15:54 07 Apr 2006

I just saw an addvert on Tv for a Hp laptop with 100GB, 512mb, 1.8Ghz, 128 dedicated graphics. All for only £700. Surely there is a flaw in this system? I might go and buy one soon, unless there are any better offers around.

Look foreward to your replies

  Diodorus Siculus 16:28 07 Apr 2006

Having had a look at the HP site, click here, I'd not say there is a flaw - it seems pretty good value for the money but has a few shortcomings:

The ram comes as 2x256 which will mean that if you want to add more, you have to discard one of these modules.

The hard disk is 4200 rpm - the lower rating.

On the plus side, it weighs in at less than 3kg :-)

It's good for the money but I'm sure other forum members know better options.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:30 07 Apr 2006

By the way, there are many other positives than just the weight!

  ade.h 20:20 07 Apr 2006

If it was an NX series - and particularly a Pentium M - I'd snap it up, but I'm not quite so keen on the Pavilions. Looks quite good on paper though.

  Jimmy14 22:27 07 Apr 2006

I have just noticed the Hp Pavillion DV5052EA on Comets website click here It is the one up from the one you all are discussing and has a whopping 1gb ram, 100gb hdd, 128mb graphics and has the same processor as the one on Staples.
All of this for £659.99 (on line price) and £699.99 when bought in store.
Ninja Pedro, I think you would be better of getting the one from comet as it has more ram which will make the laptop run more smoothly and is alot cheaper plus more ram

  Jimmy14 22:28 07 Apr 2006

sorry my apologies it has 80gb

  Ninja Pedro 10:09 08 Apr 2006

Thanks for all your replies. i think i will go for the one from staples for the extra 20gig.

  Jimmy14 14:44 08 Apr 2006

its up to you but i think more ram will matter to your computer than an extra 20gb. You can easily buy a extra hdd if you really need it

  crescent-sw 23:20 14 Apr 2006

Had a look at the staples machine today. I believe that this has a dedicated graphics but Comets is shared. Also Staples has built in card reader, Comet hasn't. I think I may have to live with 512Mb

  Jimmy14 21:52 16 Apr 2006

Well I never noticed that about the dedicated graphics card or Comets without a built in card reader, so maybe you would be better with the staples one. I still recommend that you get a ram upgrade ro 1gb to cope with the latest programs and applications on computers.


  kdt 17:09 18 Apr 2006

we ordered HP DV5094EA from comet @749.99
have a look

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