Stamping down on prices?

  Basra 20:57 16 Jun 2006

We have all seen the PC World TV advertisement probably claiming the above-not in my recent experience though.

I purchased an Epson R800 this week and went to PC World to get some more paper, fifty sheets of 10x15cm Epson Premium Glossy at £11.99. As I was in a hurry and not purchased photo paper for a few years, I grabbed the box and paid for it. Latter that evening I checked the price on this website… click here - only to find it being sold at £6.62 including FREE postage up to a Kilo. I felt I had been ripped off. I know it's only a fiver but it is the hypocrisy of PC World's advert that got me.

I decided to check it out and phoned them, believing the wrong barcode was on it. No, it was correct I was informed. A lengthy conversation ensued with a polite supervisor who in the end said " I can see it from your point of view" but that is the correct price at PC World. Of course I will be using them again "every step of the way".


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:16 16 Jun 2006

You have the choice to buy or do some research and then buy. It is fairly obvious that a web retailer does not have anything like the costs of a retailer on a shopping site. You were 'in a hurry' and paid the price.


  Forum Editor 21:22 16 Jun 2006

it's worth bearing in mind the fact that no retail business can ever guarantee to beat every other business on every price for every item it stocks. When the internet is involved it's impossible, and even the John Lewis store motto of "Never knowingly undersold" does not apply to online retailers.

You went to a PC World store, and then compared the price you paid with an online retailer's's an unfair comparison, and it's certainly unfair to say that you have been ripped off, because you haven't.

  spuds 21:50 16 Jun 2006

The thing that I can never understand, is that people are always to busy to check prices before the event, yet seem to find time after the event, especially if they 'think' that they have been 'ripped off'.

PC World are not the cheapest place for most items, and I think most people realise this. But PC World stock a good range of products, that are readily available, off the shelf.

  Basra 22:08 16 Jun 2006

You may all be right with hindsight after reading your responses but I feel it is a hell of a hike with the purchasing power of a company of that size? Maybe it was unfair comment but I have the ability to admit my mistakes.

Have a nice weekend and try to keep cool.


  pipedream 22:31 16 Jun 2006

I think you're all missing Basra's point - PC World's prices would be more acceptable if they didn't keep repeating the clearly misleading "Stamping down on prices" thing.

Having said that, I think you'd agree that PC World's price of £9.99 for a 1.8m Belkin USB cable has to be a rip off when the identical item at Savastore is £1.16! OK, for almost £9 less it only comes in a plastic bag rather than a fancy blister pack, but I know which I prefer. No amount of overheads can justify that sort of premium.

  wee eddie 23:36 16 Jun 2006

When you visit PC World, you have a chance to procure one of a number of products and have every right not to if you feel that none suit you.

The choice was yours.

Of course, you could have ordered on-line and waited at home for the delivery.

The choice was yours.

They will have had a range of paper products, you chose that one.

The choice was yours.

What did they do wrong

  Basra 01:30 17 Jun 2006

Dear Pipedream,

Thank you for your comments and of course We Eddie and all.

In these sorts of issues, not just the company in question, but over the whole of the retail market there seems to be a philosophy of sell it at the highest price the punters are prepared to pay. Nothing wrong with that but how far can it be stretched? Like us, not everyone has access to the internet and cannot make comparison on prices without a lot of leg work. I can see someone is going to respond by saying I had the opportunity-don’t bother because you are missing my point weather right or wrong.

Let me give you a recent example of the retail jungle, in my experience, recently. I purchased a mobile phone from a Mega mobile phone company around nine months ago. The numerals on key pad wore out through abuse on my part. I went back and asked if they could supply me the rubber keypad. I was informed that the phone was too old! I subsequently contacted the Mega manufacture to see if they could assist. They told me that the pad was available and I had been given misleading information. When I enquired if they could send me one, they said not. I would have to do it through the retailer and book it in for service at a cost of some thirty pound plus! I did obtain an original for £7.30- including postage off the net and fitted it in seconds!

I would advocate bringing back, what I think was called the price commission that regulated, to some degree, retail prices.

  Starfox 02:08 17 Jun 2006

Well I suppose they could always bring back Retail Price Maintenance (RPM) like we had before where you pay the same price wherever you decide to buy an item but it would be the end of online shopping I suspect.

  wee eddie 08:09 17 Jun 2006

If you had gone into your local branch of Cartridge World, you could have purchased an equivalent quality paper for about half the price.

And supported the local franchisee as well.

You cannot blame PCW if you keep on buying their product at the price they ask.

  Forum Editor 08:48 17 Jun 2006

is a bar to competition, and will never see the light of day in a truly modern market economy. The key to retail market success is competition, it drives retailers to keep prices low, and it benefits consumers. The fact that you can shop around and find differing prices for the same product is simply a reflection of the way a competitive market economy works, and it's in your interests to use the system.

PC World is the country's largest offline computer retailer, and the company didn't get that way by not being competitive. There are several ways to compete in the retail market, and one of them is by having a vast range of items in stock. The reason why so many people go to PC World is that they know they'll find a wide choice of items, and that they'll be able to walk away with what they want.

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