Ssd hard drive help?

  athertpa 07:24 26 Nov 2010

Hi all

I currently have a decent quad core system, however I am running a 1tb 7200 hd and 300gb slave drive (which is old and on the way out.

I gave noticed some ssd drives around £100 mark on ebuyer. Is it worth the upgrade?

Any advice would be welcome

  HondaMan 09:05 26 Nov 2010

Depends on what you are going to use it for. Personally, I would opt for a large HDD rather than a SSD which have a limited number of write cycles apparently. The new 2TB HDDs are quite good. I have just put one in my system alongside 3 X 1.5TB discs.

Use the large HDD for data storage and reserver the 1TB drive for OS and apps only

  carver 10:22 26 Nov 2010

It all depends on what you want the SSD drive for, one of these drives will speed up your system for boot up and shut down and they have no mechanical parts to break down so in theory should be more reliable.

Opening programmes will also be a lot faster, but is it worth the increased cost over a normal drive, you could look into running a raid setup for increased speed.

They do have a limited life time but it is far beyond anything you might need.

  athertpa 13:49 26 Nov 2010

I would like to increase general boot up and app speed. Will it be a nightmare to put my operating system win 7 on the new drive? Will I lose any info?

Can anyone advise how I can back up all my info using the 1tb disk?

  HondaMan 14:04 26 Nov 2010

People suggest Acronis True Image3. I've little experience of it but you could do a search in these forums or google for it.

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