Spoof eMail

  jbaker65 09:38 20 Apr 2006

WARNING. I am selling three items on eBay and yesterday I received an eMail supposedly asking if I would accept paypal payment for an item. I did not check the item no. to see if it was one of mine and clicked on the link to answer the question. Up popped a log in box which I filled in. This did not take me to an eBay answer screen so I immediately logged off went to eBay and changed my password details. I forwarded the eMail to eBay and they confirmed that it was a spoof. I have lost nothing because I realised quickly that it was a con. but I thought a word of warning might not go amiss.

  spuds 11:17 20 Apr 2006

This is one of the many hazards with eBay and PayPal. Usually there are give-away signs on the way the email is addressed, and as such, never open anything and complete any requested information.

  g0slp 11:44 20 Apr 2006

Similar thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Immediately changed my password.


I had to change my password again 2 days later when eBay themselves spotted an attack on my account. (Had to change my "Secret Question" details too after successfully logging on & changing password again).

Well done eBay on this occasion.

The site responsible was a .cz domain, by the way.

  bluto1 22:39 21 Apr 2006

Welldone for being alert to this and thanks for the warning.

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