Splash DVD Refund -still waiting

  canard 11:31 15 May 2003

I overdid it with a tempting Splash offer on March 23. The payment was taken out on March 26. Eventually a refund was offered on April 18th [expect it in 3 working days] which I was glad to accept.Today's bank statement which goes to May 8th has NO REFUND.
Splash is still emailing offers.

  canard 19:08 15 May 2003

Is this an isolated incident or has anyone else had probs?

  canard 19:24 16 May 2003

Just in case any gentle reader is holding their breath. In reply to my anguished email Splash say they have refunded the small order but are having difficulty with refunding the big one- are my details right? There didn't seem to be any difficulty with card details when the cash was collected in March. To see if the lolly reappears wait three working days for it to clear [sounds awfully like where we came in].

  rins36 22:36 16 May 2003

Who are Splash? Sorry never heard of them. I would take the issue up with the credit/debit card ppl & also ring/write or e-mail the said company. Keep copies of all letters etc for future reference

  canard 00:58 17 May 2003

Splash seem to be trying to put things right -wait for the proof of the pudding! They are DVD online sales and have the best list of titles I know. Just wish their deliveries near equalled their list.

  BigMoFoT 10:52 17 May 2003

I use to use them but my orders started going missing and replacements took some time..

Try here - loads of cheap deals, great prices and great service click here

(And know I don't work for them!)

  SEASHANTY 15:30 17 May 2003

I also used SplashDVD.com up to about six months ago but their online website listed fewer titles and it gradually seems to have got worse. Last six months or so I have dealt exclusively with Play.com as their website and range of titles very impressive - including Region 1 DVD's. Both sites are Jersey, Channel Islands based and providing the order totals less than £17-99 it is not liable to VAT on import to Britain. Both firms offer free postage and the deliveries from Play have been excellent. I have no complaints.

  canard 20:50 17 May 2003

Thanks BigMoFot and SEASHANTY for the alternatives. Trouble is that up to date I've been spoilt by everything to do with online sales going like a dream. Reason says that it cannot always be so and Reality sets in!

  canard 23:43 22 May 2003

Hallelujah! The larger order has been refunded but the smaller one has disappeared beyond the horizon.Have duly sent a reminder.This has been going on for two months now and to say it is disappointing is an understatement.

  canard 17:45 28 May 2003

Nine weeks after the start of this saga Splash DVD have sorted and paid the rest of my refund. It has all been extremely tiresome with checking bank account and sending emails. It does not make email shopping the quick and easy thing we all thought it was/should be.
Thank all gentle readers for their patience.

  SEASHANTY 15:53 29 May 2003

At least you got reimbursed. Pity the poor sods who don't. Makes me glad I changed from Splash to Play but I did think that with the curtailment of the Splash content that all was not well. Last order from Play was a region 1 DVD boxed set around £50 which incurred the UK customs VAT + Post Office collection charge total of around £14. This makes the package very secure because you have to go to the sorting office to collect it and pay the charges due. Our local sorting office had it in a locked drawer. No chance of it going astray. At least this does make it pretty certain that you receive the goods.

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