Spitting mad with Mesh

  crazydiamond 13:08 26 Mar 2003

Why are Mesh so ****** hopeless?
1. Today, the hard disc on my EIGHT MONTH old Mesh failed for the SECOND time.
2. It took an age to get through to tech support on the phone - at what cost?
3. The 'technician' knew less about PC's than me - it took ten minutes for him to agree that the HD needed replacing when I'd told him within 30 seconds of the call - again, the cost?
4. I was told that it would take at least 5 days for an engineer to call me to arrange a date for swap-out, probably meaning at least a week without the PC. When I complained:
5. I was directed to the Service Centre to try & speed thing up - another lenghthy & expensive wait on the phone. When I did get through I was told that the tech shouldn't have done that & I was directed to Customer Services.
6. Guess what? another long wait before I got a real person on the line. She couldn't do anything & arranged to get a senior cust services officer to call.
7. When she eventually called it was like talking to a brick wall - words like customer satisfaction & reputation went in one ear & out the other.
8. Discussed compensation - basically if it aint in the warranty small print you aint gonna get anything, ie - the giant treading on the ant once they have got what they want - your money.
9. I have already twice put a great deal of time & effort into loading megs & megs of data on the PC(when new & first failure) - Mesh not intersted, just an unmeaning 'sorry'.
10. It took alot of prising just to get the name of the MD - even then, no e-mail address or phone no.
This may seem trivial to alot of you, but I am totally fed up with Mesh, will never buy from them again, & will encourage all others to avoid them like the plague.

  davidg_richmond 14:01 26 Mar 2003

one or two points to note, fair enough you are frustrated but:
2.i believe Mesh has a national rate support line so its only 8p peak 4p off peak, the money they receive via BT is not very much at all. you probably spent at most a couple of quid if you called in peak time
3. anyone who's ever worked in tech support will confirm that somebody telling you what they think is wrong will always get their back up, and in any event they have the right to do confirmation checks on the problem to find out where the problem lies. tech support frequently get told 'this and that isnt working, please replace it' only to find out that it was a minor software fault instead. obviously this isnt the case in your situation, but they need to check anyway.
4. i wouldn't find this delay reasonable either, as 5 days for somebody to just get in touch for a repair is a long time to be without your pc. focus on this as they should be able to organise somebody sooner, parts permitting. perhaps they could deliver the replacement for you to install as a speedier remedy. i would also request a different make of hard disk to lessen the chances of this happening again.

was this similar to the first time you had a replacement?

  chrishillcoat 14:18 26 Mar 2003

What happened to no. 1? ;-)

  davidg_richmond 14:30 26 Mar 2003

number 1: he got a duff brand of hard disk! maybe its an old Fujitsu....

  €dstow 14:55 26 Mar 2003

Try the PCA hotline to Mesh [email protected]


  anchor 15:00 26 Mar 2003

Just a comment about phone charges. If companies are not making much money when they use an 0870 number, why don`t they just use a regular STD number.

I can call any national number in the UK for 2.5p/min with OneTel, and 40% off the charge with SkyDial.

Work it out how much they must be making over a period, with the number of calls they receive. Is this the added cost of giving support?. Evesham gave me a local rate number when I bought from them.

It's tales like this that make me glad i escaped from the Mesh. It took almost 2 weeks for an engineer to call to replace faulty h/d only to declare the replacement dod which meant a return to base for further examination. Resulting in being without pc for over a month. Went local for a replacement pc with no regrets.

  crazydiamond 15:07 26 Mar 2003

It's been a Maxtor 60Gb HD both times, & both times have been similar, ie - slowing down on boot up, opening progs, etc followed by a warning on bootup about an iminent (?) crash. At least last time I was still able to get into windows & save my data - this time I'm just getting a blue screen (which I thought didn't exist in XP) telling me that there is a problem with the HD & the pc is shutting down to prevent damage (? ha ha - bit late for that).
Even if the calls are relatively cheap I still think half an hour waiting on the phone is far too much & being shunted around as 'someone elses problem' is just too much.

  ArthurFowler 15:15 26 Mar 2003

There are London phone numbers for Mesh. If you live close to London, these might save you money. Tech Support is: 0208 2084795

My experience of the Mesh response email address is not good. It appears that their presence on this board has gone too.


  Way 1 19:04 27 Mar 2003

Well, is ArthurFowler right, has Mesh's presence gone ????.

  Forum Editor 20:01 27 Mar 2003

but could you let me know by email if you don't get satisfaction on this within 48 hours? Let me have full details - including any reference numbers - and we'll see what we can do.

I thinks it's fair to give Mesh 48 hours to come back with a solution.

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