Speed camera detectors

  Muergo 20:41 06 Jul 2011

I am looking for advice on buying a speed camera detector now I have a clean licence! but don't know which forum or which magazine to look.

  AroundAgain 22:54 06 Jul 2011

I've just 'Googled' "Speed camera detectors" and there is a list of hits.

On the other hand, maybe you wouldn't need to spend your money if you kept within the speed limits? No, I'm not perfect either but fair does, eh?

Please don't take offence - just a suggestion!

  birdface 23:10 06 Jul 2011

Most of the sat nav's you get nowadays also have speed detectors on them.

So if you drive a lot maybe better settling for one of those.

Cheap at the price if they stop you from getting speeding tickets.

  Muergo 05:15 07 Jul 2011

I have taken a fence!, My last endorsement was 12yrs ago and I have a provable NIL accident record since 1970 Beat that.

I went through about two miles of rural road in Sussex last week and the speed limit changed about six times from derestricted (60) through all points down to 20 up and down continuously, making it a drive watching the speedo as much as the road, and in addition many stretches had no repeaters so missing the first one and you don't know what you should be doing.

I want a checker/nav that tells me what the limit is on the road I'm on in real time.

My built in satnav shows fixed cameras but not the limits.

Sussex has few if any fixed ones, they run around in vans and set them up anywhere. They also have taken to unmarked police cars, no visible lights, hidden behind grilles but they are mainly in silver cheap versions of 3series BMWs, so now you know.

I can see the whole gamut of sets on offer from £100 to over £400 but I want some feedback from a user.

  birdface 09:34 07 Jul 2011

I used to use Road Angel and it worked great for me but that was about 10 years ago and looking at the new ones now there is a vast difference and by the look of it gives you the road speed that you are on.

Road Angel

Now mine was just for speed cameras etc and not a direction finder.

  birdface 10:02 07 Jul 2011

I should have added I was a courier driver in those days going all over the country and with the help of the road angel I received no endorsements on my licence.

Now I can assure you I must have been the only courier driver with the company that I drove for with a clean Licence.

All you heard from other drivers was I got flashed yesterday or I got a speeding ticket through the door or I was stopped for speeding when a simple thing like a speed camera warning device kept you endorsement free.

Maybe I was just a more careful driver but the speed and camera detector was a massive help.

Now that was the one I used in those days there may be others but I was very happy with the one I had.

Now in those days you got the first year of free road updates then you had to pay if you wanted another year of updates.It was not a lot but worth looking into if you are thinking of buying one.

Maybe you get a lifetime of free updates nowadays.

  961 10:10 07 Jul 2011

I've used road angel 7000 and found it worked well both as a navigator and a speed camera advisor. What it didn't do is advise the current speed limit on the road you are on, which many detectors do..This is essential because it's often impossible to establish what the speed limit is because of missing repeater signs, places where exemptions have been locally allowed from the usual "if there are lamposts every..." new regulations about schools, blanket residential 20mph etc. It's a nightmare

Easy to say if you keep within the speed limit you won't... but establishing what it is. Not so easy

Pleanty of reviews in WhatCar etc but I believe Tom Tom and Garmin are among the best. I believe current road angel models will give speed limits

  john 52 11:03 07 Jul 2011

Pocketgps is recognised as one of the best speed camera database which is downloadable onto your sat nav or smart phone it also has a very good forum.

Inforad are okay and used come to with a lifetime update of cameras which I think is still provided by pocket gps

link text

link text

link text

  john 52 11:12 07 Jul 2011

You can add verbal warning onto the sat nav via pocketgps the database warns you of mobile sites and fixed sites and is updated about every 2 weeks

link text

  Muergo 11:13 07 Jul 2011

Thanks a lot to everybody, that's what I needed some real experiences, on that basis I'll go for the Road Angel with speed readings because as I said and 961 affirmed that repeaters are missing and you don't know the limit until you've passed into the next change of speed.

My last gripe is that whoever operates the speed limit signals on the M25 is not looking at the cameras frequently enough, there are numerous instances when limits are imposed and not switched off for ages after whatever the cause was has disappeared giving a freely flowing motorway an unnecessary legal maximum.

It's a pity they are not infinitely variable to enable faster than 70, I was on a stretch of A1M a month or so back with no cars in sight on a 4 lane width for as far as I could see in both directions sunny dry perfect day, but I stuck to a boring 70 because I thought the cameras would be operating and as I was on my own for at least two miles around I would be sure to be identified.

I suppose I'll have to go to Germany to see if the governed limit of 150mph on my Beemer actually works! but then it would probably have an expensive seizure.

  woodchip 15:15 07 Jul 2011

there are two kinds of devices for camera, one that as been mentioned on a gps, but the other is illegal this is a true camera detection system where you have a device hidden in front or at the back that warns of radar guns.

You can buy them and fit them, but if you get stopped with one board that’s being used. Then you are up the creek

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