IS this spec/price any good...advise please?

  cassie75 09:36 19 Feb 2003

I have been contemplating buying another PC for my son. Can you tell me whether the spec is of good value, it is being built by my local PC Builder who is very good...just any thoughts or concerns please.

Case (Black) Tsunami Virgo VS42K Black 350 watt, ATX Midi Tower Case P4 Ready,
Hard drive Western Digital Caviar 60Gb 7200rpm UIDE Hard Drive,
Motherboard Asus A7S333 SKT A Supports AMD, Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron processor
Processor AMD ATHLON XP2000+ 266MHz FSB,
CDRW LG 52*24*52,
DVD Sony x16DVD,
Heatsink n fan Coolermaster CP5-6J31C Socket A Upto 2700XP AMD Approved,
Graphics card Gainward Geforce4 MX440 128Mb SDR AGP Powerpack! MX600 TV Mini Jumbo With TV-Out,
RAM Crucial PC2700 256mb DDR 184pin DIMM,
Floppy Alps Floppy Disk Drive 1.44MB 3.5 inch internal,
Mouse 4D Scroll Button Mouse,
Keyboard Standard Keyboard,
Modem 56K Hardware modem,
OS Including XP Home, this includes 12 months arranty...what do you feel, it is quoted at £600.00

  BeeWee 09:48 19 Feb 2003

i'm not technically minded at all but thought i would post this spec for you to compare..i am getting this built by a local company at the moment

AsusA7S333 Mainboard AMD Athlon 2.2XP Processor AMD Approved CPU Cooler 256MB DDRAM 80GB UDMA Hard Disk Drive DVD-ROM Drive 48x12x40 CD-RW Drive 3D Stereo Audio & Mains Powered Speakers 6 channels creative audigy card Gforce4 graphics card - 64MB 56K AMR Modem 10/100 RJ45 Network Card PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ATX Tower Case c/w 3.5" Floppy Drive Base Unit 6USB ports
Cost £500 (Including VAT) 1 year parts and labour warranty 2 years labour

  cassie75 17:55 19 Feb 2003


  powerless 18:14 19 Feb 2003

I do not see a monitor included with that price so...

£600 + The cost of monitor = click here

The spec by the way is nice.

  cassie75 18:18 19 Feb 2003

Sorryyes I have a monitor therefore no need for one.
So you think it is good value?

  cassie75 18:21 19 Feb 2003

o yes that is all inc vat too.
compared too the link not bad me thinks...

  powerless 19:13 19 Feb 2003

In my opinion yes it is good value.

I would say however look around PC World etc, there may be a few bargains out there. A little more for £600.

I've had a "very" quick look and i cannot find anything, that can better it.

  cheapskate2k 19:15 19 Feb 2003

What is the pc going to be used for, if he wants to play games on it then it might be an idea upgrading the graphics card. Shouldnt cost a lot more to stick something a bit better in so you wont have any worries about running any new games. You may want to go for a cheap geforce 4 4200ti, but speak to the builder about it, he is probably flexible. Might want a bit more ram aswell considering that its so cheap at the moment. Go and talk to the builder, they will be able to spec whatever you want.

  cassie75 19:36 19 Feb 2003

Thanks all..Gaming is not a necessity at the moment but maybe worth considering.
I will speak to him now regarding perhaps uping it to a Ti4200.
Thank you for the input.

  cassie75 09:02 23 Feb 2003

Hi all....just an update, IT has been ordered and should be here tue/wed...
We discussed our needs and budget and kept it as the original post.
Thank-you all I shall let you all know how it performs.

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