Rtus 11:28 19 Jan 2003
  Rtus 11:28 19 Jan 2003

General guidance please..
If the spec of a unit specifies an output of X amount of watts..for each component of the system .. I-e front 2 channels = 25watts RMS each . But upon arrival it turn out its 5 watts Rms. (its not quoted in music power) Where do you stand with the supplier? (if you want to reject the unit and get what you paid for) ..

  BrianW 11:50 19 Jan 2003

I would think that if they offer a product for sale as having a specified output of 25 watts RMS/channel and then sell you this product but it turns out to be only 5 watts RMS/ channel they have mis-represnted the product and under the sale of goods act you are entitled to return the product as not being as advertised. One of the legal eagles on this site should be able to confirm this - but speed is of the essence, so if you receive no other replies, get in touch with your local trading standards people and / or Citizens Advice Bureau. Any dealings with the company concerned must be in writing, dated and referenced. Make sure that you keep copies of everything as well (including the advert and any other information supplied by them that shows the specification under dispute). They will probably try and wriggle out of it under the "E&OE" bit of their terms and conditions (errors and ommisions excepted).

  Rtus 12:36 19 Jan 2003

Ive allready contacted the Seller ..And saved original paper work and my contact to them..(allways do) on the printout of the web page theres no "E&OE" mentioned.. Im giving seller first opertunity to correct this though..To see what comes as reply.. thanks... BrianW

  spuds 12:40 19 Jan 2003

I would phone the supplier and ask their oppinion of your concern.See what they have to say, and if you are then not satisfied, consult the local TS or CAB.The watt RMS terms can get a little confusing to the leyman.

  Rtus 13:14 19 Jan 2003

Audio terms Im used to Partic RMS+Ohms law etc.So miss-understanding isnt the problem.(I know you were not implying that)Its just the sales page says one thing The actual manual of the item says different figures..as above.and of course You dont see the manual till its bought/delivered do you..Im awaiting sellers reply (monday as they dont work weekends)Thanks

  rickf 14:18 19 Jan 2003

I should imagine you are in good stead as trade description is very specific on this point. Apart from the S of G Act there would also appear to be a breach of the Mispresentation Act.

  Rtus 13:31 21 Jan 2003

Sellers response..

We have had a problem with this product and it has actually been put on hold
as there is some problem with this. We are currently investigating this with our supplier.
Please submit a return on line so that we can get this sorted.
RMA requested..Will update when and if needed..

  Rtus 10:07 22 Jan 2003

Another forum posting Seems familiar ?? > read for yourselves click here

  Rtus 10:18 22 Jan 2003

Oh the reason for the above post .I hadn't wanted to name name yet. I had in fact suffered the same popping noise too but being the optimist I put it down to the grotty hire disc Which I complained about..It took me ages to clean the grease of before I even attempted to play it...
The RMA request has a reply "To be dealt with in 48hrs.."

  cheapskate2k 20:35 22 Jan 2003

When audio outputs are measured there is always some optimism by the producers. It all depends about how the output is measured, at what distortion and at what impedence. It can make that much difference!!! If you compare a 50w rms mini system to a seperates amp with the same output but measured differently the difference would be huge. Its not really that they are trying to pull something rather they should make sure all their literature reads the same. I bet if you compare how the two outputs are measured they will be completely different!

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