Special Delivery, lost/nicked lable,back to depot

  domcolski 19:58 02 Feb 2011

I sent a valuable item (£200 worth) using Special Delivery. The recipient tracked it online only to find out that the postman tried to deliver this item before 7:20AM and there was no one available and an apparent "While you were out" card was left but there wasn't anything. The recipient contacted their delivery office but were told that the package is being re-directed to the national depot as it only had a post code written on it. The customer services told us that there was only a post code and the street name put into the system. (If you are following it, there are number of contradictory informations already!). The package was being opened to find the senders address but I didn’t enclose such information so it’s now on its way to Belfast, national depot, where it will await my call and then sent back to me. We’ve been told a number of different things over a few days. 1) That we can choose whether we want it sent back to us or straight to the very upset by now recipient 2) That it’s on its way back to us (??). 3) That we posted it with only a post code written down and therefore can not make a claim of £6.70 and many, many different things as we ourselves and the recipient are calling the customer services every day and are being told lots of rubbish. How about the content of the parcel? What do I do? What is going on? Anyone experienced a similar “Special Delivery” service?? Please help!

  spuds 23:07 02 Feb 2011

I am having a problem in trying to understand what you are actually stating, but it would appear that you have not addressed the item securely or correctly, and that is why there as been a mix-up.

If you have a complaint or want help click here

  Forum Editor 00:11 03 Feb 2011

1. You only put a postcode on the envelope (and presumably a name).
2. The post Office tried to deliver it, but nobody was available to receive it.
3. A 'you were out' card was left, but the recipient didn't see it.
4. The item went back to the sorting office, but you hadn't included a sender's address, so it went to the undelivered mail centre. You mention Belfast which is interesting, because that's for undelivered letters. Undelivered Special Delivery items usually go to Portsmouth.

The contents haven't been lost or stolen, so you can't claim any compensation. You should contact Belfast (or Portsmouth), so they can send the package back to you.

  domcolski 06:58 03 Feb 2011

Strangly enough but the post office worker remembers me turning up to post the item with the full address on it as the delivery destination happened to be a few houses along from where his parents used to live. I did put the full address on the packaging but now I'm beginning to think that someone at their end has "kindly" removed it!!

  Forum Editor 08:25 03 Feb 2011

that someone at their end has "kindly" removed it!!"

What possible reason would anyone have for removing the address from a Special Delivery package that will be returned to you?

  domcolski 09:33 03 Feb 2011

There you go, finally understood the matter at last :)

  interzone55 10:13 03 Feb 2011

If it's a small package has the special delivery label covered up part of the address?

  spuds 10:40 03 Feb 2011

This is becoming more intriguing.

Removing a label (if that is what occurred) might be at the receivers end, but I cannot see that happening if a 'you were out' card was put in the door, as which the receiver failed to see. Removal of part of the label, usually confirms that the item was delivered and signed for, but this should not interfere with the correctly addressed item.

Your only route to resolving this problem, is to use the link I have provided, or contact Royal Mail for the return of the item.

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