Spam spam spam spam spammity spam spam

  Styxx 16:23 04 Sep 2010

Ages and ages ago, before Facebook (and probably before Myspace too) I joined some social networking site called I think I logged on twice maybe, and never used it again. Over time they started sending me promo stuff from partners etc., so I unsubscribed. However, I'm still getting these emails. They all seem to be from legitimate partners (i.e. today's one was from Any time I try to unsubscribe with the link provided, I'm told that my email is not on the system. Is there some sort of governing body I can report them to and hopefully stop these emails?

  ronalddonald 18:45 04 Sep 2010

change your email perhaps, look for an address to write to as a head-office, i have only two emails one for business and one for pc advisor and blogging sites

  Styxx 19:30 04 Sep 2010

Changing my email isn't really an option, I've had this one for about 8 years now and it'd be a lot of effort to phase it out for a new one. I've emailed them three or four times but they never get back to me.

  morddwyd 19:44 04 Sep 2010

So long as you e-mail them they'll know your address is "live" and they'll keep sending to it.

Do you not have the facility to block certain specified addresses?

  Styxx 02:32 05 Sep 2010

Yeah, I think I do actually. I'll try that next time. It's a hotmail address, I used to block addresses until I noticed that most of the junk I got was from different addresses and domains, even when it was clearly from the same sender, so I stopped bothering. I'll try that next time I get one and see what happens. I usually try to avoid unsubscribe links or emailing back, but as far as I know WRM is a proper website, so I didn't think it'd be an issue.

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