Spam - I'm totally sick of it!

  georgemac 22:22 14 May 2004

My main email account was spammed to death and was [email protected], so I created a new account with a mixture of letters/numbers bearing no resemblance to a name about 4 weeks ago, and this email address has only been submitted to trusted sites, banking etc etc.

Tonight I got my first spam mail on this account, which contained the netsky virus which was thankfully caught by avg. It was from a hotmail account and how they got my address I will never know!

I had already signed up my old account with filterspam click here which works very well and fortunately as I was one of the first 1000 to sign up I am still getting the service for free.

click here are offering the same service for their first 1000 for free.

I just wish the ISP's could have similar software running on their mail servers to strip out all the spam before it gets delivered.

I used to run mailwasher, which was excellent, but got fed up having to identify new spam continually as the spammers changed their accounts or hijacked some other poor blighters.

Rant over!

  spuds 22:34 14 May 2004

There was a mention about spam in yesterdays BBC brassed Off series. Apparently the worlds main spam suppliers consist of 200 people, who send out millions of spam per day.For every 900 spams, only one sale of the product is made. Times that by the millions, and its a mega buck industry.

  Sir Radfordin 22:35 14 May 2004

MessageLabs latest report (click here) should give you some hope. It had been claimed that 80% of emails being sent would be 'spam' by mid-2004. This figure has already dropped by around 10% for March compared to January.

No matter what ISPs and others do, there is always going to be a problem with 'spam' - well at least until we all stop using email and realise there are better ways to communicate ;)

  Chronos 22:38 14 May 2004

all the spam i get, and there is lots of it, all seems to be about, how shall i put it, about making things bigger..

  ajm 23:08 14 May 2004

for the past few years, i get about 30-60 spam in my Outlook program a day offering me this and that. 2 months ago, it was approaching 100 A DAY!!!!

I eventually downloaded mailwasher from click here

for the following few weeks, I checked all emails in the mail washer program and those that had spam contecnt, i used the BOUNCE feature to bounce it and then Mailwasher deletes the unwanted / spam emails.After doing that, then I open Outlook and download the genuine / wanted emails. I did that for the aprox 4-6 weeks.

I have now seen that the total spam / unwanted emails i get a day is LESS THAN 10.

This may work for you. HAVE A GO.

  maz2 00:42 15 May 2004

A relative of mine is on NTL and she gets about 300 messages a day mainly spam, she has tried mailwasher but it kept jamming as there were so many messages also now her outlook express is locking up and she can't receive most of her genuine messages

  Gaz 25 01:18 15 May 2004

Your relative should try click here to check any messages through there. Delete any, then use mailwasher, etc.

  g0slp 07:22 15 May 2004

This has been mentioned many times before, but it's worth repeating.


If it actually goes back to the originator, it will almost certainly be put into a 'deleted' folder without being read (filters on inbox?), or will go to the inbox of the poor soul who has had their email address spoofed by these lowlifes. (Who may then start sending it back to you, or accuse you of being a spammer....etc, etc). Either way, all you are doing is adding more crud to the Net's (finite) data transfer lines, effectively slowing things down.

Just DELETE the stuff

BTW, the latest trick seems to be signing up to user groups such as Yahoo & spamming that way. I suspect that this is another trick to harvest 'live' email addresses from those who email them directly in reply to complain. Now these I do forward, to the user group host's 'abuse' address. This spamming IS taken seriously by the likes of Yahoo, I know

  georgemac 07:25 15 May 2004

I had already tried mailwasher as stated in my post above but was feb up having to continually check the boxes identifying new spam. My ISP is also NTL and I seemed to get hundreds of emails that were not even addressed to me! I did complain to NTL about this but got no reply!

I too saw the programme brassed off Britain and cannot believe so few spammers inflict misery on so many click here

Gaz25 - I have added that link to my favourites. For now I am going to activate my new account on the filterspam service, which is still free for me anyway, but if I start being charged I will have to try cheaper alternatives. £5 per month is too high a charge to pay for a private individual, If I had a business which is losing bookings due to spam mail, I would happily pay the £5 per month.

  Forum Editor 08:24 15 May 2004

offered me a spam-filtering service for my personal mailbox about four months ago. At the time I was being inundated with over 200 spam messages a day, so I gratefully accpeted and gladly paid the few pounds for a year's service. Initially there was no effect, if anything the volume of spam seemed to increase slightly. Then, about eight weeks after the filtering started I noticed that the spam was decreasing. That continued, and now I might only see two or three spam messages a day.

Similarly on my PCA inbox, since the company started filtering the group mailserver in Chicago my spam burden has reduced from a couple of hundred a day to around 1 or 2 a week.

Life's looking rosier.

  amd2000 09:41 15 May 2004

I left talk21 email, receiving about 30 spam emails a day.It was difficult to clear,one by one.

I switched to btyahoo email with spam filters and for the last two month only has three.

give it a try,you will not regret it.

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