Fatbelly 09:13 09 Nov 2003

E/mail Spam is seriously getting on my nerves.
Since 10:00am yesterday I have received 37 mails ........
Only 3 have been sent to me by people with whom i wish to have contact , the other 34 have been spammed to me trying to get me to visit sites that I have no interest in and find very offensive.

I know the EU have done a little to try and stop it but they have not done enough.
It is time for action by the Governments of the World to stop this vile abuse.
Remember these mails ares sent out indiscriminately and almost certainly end up in the inbox of minors

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:24 09 Nov 2003

There is little that you can do apart from getting a programme such as Mailwasher or similar. Deleting them is not an arduous task. the Internet is always touted as a free, open resource, which it is, however there is a down side. The spam is not going to cease as most of it is sent from countries that have rather lax laws and need foreign currency *cough* Eastern Russian States *cough*.

Adults should be able to deal with the spam and Pr0n sensibly (GENERALLY it is not illegal to send images) and the ordinary ads should be of no concern...hit delete. As for children, better education and a less Victorian attitude would help or even parental supervision. It is a worry for parents and the latter choice may be the only option as spam will never be stopped.


  Fatbelly 12:16 09 Nov 2003

I have read many of your posts and you without doubt know what you are talking about.

When you talk about better education for our kids and society breaking free from outdated Victorian atitudes I agrree.

But that is wholly different to the damaging filth that we and our kids recieve in our in box each and every day.
I don't think anyone would want our youth to be educated via these mails. They show distored views of Women and reinforce some peoples view that Women are for Mens enjoyment.

To say that spam will never be stopped is just giving in to these people.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:35 09 Nov 2003

I agree but the point is that there are many countries where it is not illegal to send Pr0n and as the Internet is an open resource I cannot imagine any way that this can be stopped. Just being pragmatic.


  Fatbelly 12:42 09 Nov 2003

If it is not illegal to send such mails in some countries , then our and other Governments should be applying pressure so that these "rogue" Countries fall into line and make it illegal.

  spuds 14:59 09 Nov 2003

When large volumes of money is involved, then mabe,just maybe, it is not in the interest for certain people, companies or organizations, to take spam as a number one serious matter.Distastefull as it is.

This subject of Spam, is being aired quite regularly within the forum,but as yet, the only solution is to fall back onto something like Mailwasher etc. I run three anti-spam programmes,set-up in certain ways, and I still need to delete some spam that as fooled my safegauards.So in all, it is a case of having to put up with a bad thing, one of lifes mis-fortunes,I am sorry to say.

  Fatbelly 17:27 09 Nov 2003

I will close this now.

I think we all agree e/mail spam is at its best a pain and at its worst it is the very darkest side of the net.

Regards to all

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