Douglas_Green 13:07 30 Oct 2008

Hi, has anyone ever had experience with soundpcs? I saw the following spec:

Intel Quad 9.6ghz
250gb hdd
ddr2 ram
24months warranty
windows xp pro


Is this a good deal? anyone know whether the warranty is worth the paper its written on???

If not any other reccomendations...looking for a decent system for christmas :-)


  I am Spartacus 15:56 30 Oct 2008

Is this from ebay? The 9.6GHz specification tends to suggest it is. It will probably be a Q6600 and low end, unbranded parts. I could of course be wrong. Have you a link?

Check out click here A few people here have been satisfied with them.

  GaT7 17:14 30 Oct 2008

Not eBay - click here is a website, & a very poor one at that.

When you say a 'decent system', what are you going to be doing on it? Any gaming at all? What's your budget, & do you need a monitor, etc? G

  inmymind 18:47 30 Oct 2008

Yeah, very basic website. Poor English in the FAQ's too.(not that mines any better!)

I've had experience with Cougar Extreme & Novatech, can highly recommend both.

  spuds 19:03 30 Oct 2008

If you live near to this supplier, then it might pay to visit them and discuss your requirements. The website doesn't explain enough.

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