Sony Vaio not as advertised!

  Sepulchre 00:08 22 Jan 2003
  Sepulchre 00:08 22 Jan 2003

I bought a Sony Vaio PCG-GRX516SP which had been advertised in PC advisor by Sony. The advertised spec included wireless networking quote - "Comes with built-in wireless Lan connectivity". Unfortunalty when you get it out the box there is no built in wireless Lan, you have to pay an extra £80 if you want the Sony wireless card.

Can Sony get away with advertising a laptop which costs nearly £3K and then not provide it as specified?

I've taken this up with Sony, 5 weeks later I still have not receieved a suitable email, for nearly two weeks I have not receieved any respinse despite my emails which always now seem to go unanswered. After sales service, nope none here!


  Forum Editor 00:25 22 Jan 2003

Let me say straightaway that I haven't seen the ad you mention - which copy/page of PC Advisor carried it?

This is far from being a cheap laptop - in fact it's a very expensive machine, and a very good one. I've taken a look at the specification on the Zdnet UK site, and interestingly enough, in their summary of the computer, Zdnet list the machine's 'Cons' thus:

"Bulky and heavy; Moderate battery life; No built-in wireless connectivity."

I'm sure we can all spot the obvious contradiction between the Zdnet review comments and the advertisement you have mentioned. I don't doubt that what you say about the advertisement is true, but I would like to see it myself - or perhaps you can post a copy of the wording (plus PCA issue date) here?

If the machine was advertised as having "....built-in wireless Lan connectivity" and it hasn't, you are entitled to be very annoyed indeed. You are also entitled to a full refund, or a machine that meets the specification on which you relied when making your purchase. Please post back as soon as convenient.

  ajm 01:18 22 Jan 2003

Could it be possible that you are mistaking this model for the sony GRS515SP/R? its very easy to get confused..
Have a look here:
click here

  Sepulchre 09:54 22 Jan 2003

I have a scanned copy of the advert for anyone who wants it.

The Editor - As for the text here is a chunk from the main body of the advert quote - "The VAIO PCG-GRX516SP comes with built-in wireless LAN connectivity - letting you connect without cables" (source Jan 2003 PC Advisor magazine P27 1st sentence, 2nd Paragraph) It has also appeared in other issues, the December 2002 and also the February 2003 issue from memory. I hope Sony aren’t now considering a PC Slot as “built in wireless networking, ahem once you add a wireless card?”.

AJM- I've checked your link to the GRS515SP/R this is a 1.8ghz model and the one I'm on is a 2ghz. The model number on the top left of mine also ties up with the advertised one. As far as I’m aware this is the only Sony laptop which costs nearly £3k, which is about what I paid when you include the VAT.

So what do you guys think, worthy of further investigation? A side note perhaps, I've recieved a PM from someone on Sony's disscusion board requesting the advert as he is in the same boat and getting no where fast it it.


  David-277685 12:59 22 Jan 2003

also says in the bullet point spec below

"Wireless communications. Integral wireless LAN connectivity."

  oresome 13:16 22 Jan 2003

From my experience of reading this and similar forums, it would seem E Mails are an unsuitable medium for making serious complaints. A letter, ideally addressed to a senior member of the company should produce better results. E Mails are too easily ignored.
All companies with a quality system will have a formal procedure for handling complaints which will include acknowledging receipt of letters within a defined time and a system of escalation of the problem within the company until it reached someone with the authority to resolve or dismiss it.
This process will be independently audited from time to time to ensure the company handles complaints as it descibes it does.
E Mails probably never get registered as part of the companys official complaints procedure judging by the lack of response to many on this forum.

  Sepulchre 14:53 22 Jan 2003

Oresome - if anyone can provide me with a postal address for Sony UK compaints department I'd appreciate it. It seems pretty difficult to get to the correct department at Sony though.

  TBH1 15:52 22 Jan 2003

Just a thought - - - can't you just take this back to where you bought it from ?

  oresome 17:03 22 Jan 2003

Try this

Sony United Kingdom ... Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0XW

  Sepulchre 18:10 22 Jan 2003

Oresome - I'll put a letter together and send it to the address you've given, thanks for that.

TBH1 - I dont see as this is really the fault of the retailer, I've told them about the issue and that I'm attempting to get someone at Sony to listem to me. But I understand what your saying, normally this would have been my first course of action.

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