Sony Vaio Laptop : Bad PC-World /Techguys Service

  PTI 15:13 12 Mar 2008

Model : Sony VAIO T2XP/S (10.6" screen, 1.4 kg, £1400 bought together with monthly PC Performance plan in Dec 2005)

23 Jan : Brought laptop into PCWorld for annual checkup plus repair of screen, WiFi button and volume button. Told it would be back in 3 hours (!)...

Since then, I have phoned PC World (PCW 0870 901 3000) and The Techguys (Tech 0844 800 3040) several times and have been told the following:

14 Feb - PCW - Laptop still under repair.
18 Feb - PCW - No progress, but will email workshop and get back to me… (I am still waiting for this call to this day).
25 Feb – PCW – No progress, but given the direct Techguys number.
25 Feb – Tech – Laptop was sent to the workshop on 27th Jan. No idea when it will be back yet. Told I can use the 6 week rule if it isn’t fixed by 5th March.
4 Mar – PCW – Parts are in the workshop and will be fitted today or tomorrow. Laptop should be with me by Friday 7th March.
5 Mar – Tech – Parts are in fact in transit from Lincoln to Mansfield (not in the workshop!)
7 Mar – Tech – Computer in workshop. No idea when it will be ready. Techguy phoned the workshop and then told me the laptop would be fixed on Monday 10th March and be back with me by Wednesday 12th March.
11 Mar – Tech – 8:30am Laptop in the workshop. No idea when it will be fixed.
11 mar – Tech – 9:10am Laptop is in the workshop on the bench being worked on. The person working on it doesn’t start his shift till the afternoon. They will call me back in the afternoon.
11 Mar – Tech – 5:34pm Tech Rep called my mobile, but I was driving at the time so I couldn’t pick up. Voicemail message says they will phone back on 12th March.
12 Mar – Tech – 8:50 am I’m told they’re still awaiting parts for the laptop… They cannot give me the workshop’s number due to company policy. I’m advised that it would be best for me to phone customer service to complain.

At this point I flipped…

12 Mar – PCW – 9:10 am There’s no more information other than ‘awaiting parts’ in the system. I ask to speak with the manager – He tells me that they cannot give out the workshop’s number and that my tone is patronising (what do you expect at this stage?!). Manager promises to look into problem and call me back within 48 hours.

Today is 12th March, I am still waiting for my laptop and promised phonecalls. I’m after any advice that would help me with my case.

Also, if I claim for a new laptop of the same spec using the 6 week rule, I would be looking for a laptop of the same size and weight, as these were the main spec points which drove me to spend the amount of money I did on the laptop in the first place. How likely would I be to get this?...

Answers on a postcard please…

  ForestChav 00:16 13 Mar 2008

You get vouchers to purchase an equivalent model, if you class the size as essential I would write to coverplan (who assess the value you get) on a recorded service stating this.

  PTI 08:42 13 Mar 2008

Thanks for the tip Forestchav. Any idea on how I can actually find out the true status of my laptop's whereabouts? Whom should I write to (or call) to speed up the process and to stop being given the runaround?... I'd really like to explore all the avenues to get the old laptop back if I can, before going down the '6 week rule' route.

  papa lazarous 09:50 13 Mar 2008

3 hours! That would be for the Healthcheck and not the repair - but that's by the by.

The repair has now clearly taken over 6 weeks so you are entitled to vouchers to buy a new laptop. These come from PCPerformance and not the PCW store or TechGuys so no amount of screaming will get them. Simply call PCP Customer Service on 0870 600 1550 and give them your PCP reference and your JRS Job number - they will be able see that the job has taken 6 consecutive weeks and get the vouchers issued.

  PTI 13:04 13 Mar 2008

Thanks Papa lazarous for the clarification of 6 week rule protocol. I think I'll hold out for a week more as I really would like my old laptop back. I have personal data on it that has not been backed up (my fault I know). I did mention this at the time of dropping it off, but as they said it would be back in 3 hours I didn't worry too much at that time. If I could guarantee that my laptop data could be retrieved (which, on reading other posts I know this is not necessarily the case) then I would go for the 6 week rule today. Any tips on how I could ensure I get my data back?...

  ForestChav 23:02 13 Mar 2008

Yes, ask them for the HDD when you request the vouchers, they can do this.

  Forum Editor 23:15 13 Mar 2008

is a complete disgrace, and sadly we're seeing complaints of this nature on a fairly frequent basis.

  PTI 10:26 15 Mar 2008

Thanks to all for the advice. I have decided to cut my losses and go for the vouchers becuase as of today (15th March) there is still no word of when the parts will be in. After being led to believe that the workshop is open at the weekends, I'm told today that in fact it is shut (!)

I'm hoping that asking for a laptop of the same spec in terms of size/weight & my HDD back via a telephone call, a recorded letter to customer services and email will ensure that the message gets through. Wish me luck!

  ajm 10:44 15 Mar 2008

Drop me a line using the yellow envelope. I should be able to assist you in hopefully getting this problem resolved.

  PTI 11:12 15 Mar 2008

Just emailed PC Performance stating my wish to cancel, and sent eh same information by recorded delivery (should arrive on Monday 17th March).

I also phned back Techguys asking them to put the wheels in motion to write-off my laptop, also requesting my hard drive info at this stage. After waiting on hold for a good 5 minutes he says he cannot guarantee my hard drive data!!!

To cut a long story short, I need to phone back on Monday 17th March so that they can pass on my hard drive request to the famous workshop.

I wouldn't mind, but I'd probably be still happy to wait for my old laptop if I could get an ETA of when the parts would be in from the workshop - but as they haven't seemed too bothered to give me that information (and believe me I've tried a whole week to get it) I figure I may as well cut my losses and get a new laptop. Not to mention reducing my stress levels also.

I'll post how I get on with my HDD data and voucher refund when I have an update...

  lofty29 13:12 15 Mar 2008

From what I have seen on the posts over a period of time relating to tech guys workshops, I bet they do not exist, just a slot in the wall leading to an automatic crusher

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