Sony VAIO customer service - Where do I stand?

  uk_jih 10:08 26 Aug 2004

I have a Sony VAIO, in April 2003 I reported that when playing a minidisk the volume was a lot lower than when I played a DVD or CD.

Sony's advice was to load the recovery CD and basically wipe out seven months work on it.

I was not willing to do this so I left it as it was. In May, I had finished the project that I was working on and decided that I could now do as Sony suggested to fix the problem.

After doing what Sony suggested, the problem was still the same, so I reopened the problem and Sony said that it must be a fault with the HW.

Sony said that I would have to pay them to fix it as the computer was more than 1 year old. I tried to get them to change their mind because the fault was clearly there in April 2003 when the computer was only 7 months old.

So where do I stand on this?

  Stuartli 10:27 26 Aug 2004

Does your system have a mixer control panel (double click on the Volume control)?

If so, the settings may be incorrectly configured, an input/output muted or the sliders turned down too far.

Or you may be using a virtual player with the sound setting turned down too low.

I presume as you have only had the Vaio for such a short time you have XP. Go to Control Panel and also check Sound and Audio Devices' Volume and Audio tabs' configuration.

  uk_jih 10:43 26 Aug 2004

Many times I have been to the mixer panel. It never solved the problem.

This VAIO has an integrated MD recorder that slots in under the DVD.

  Q-Bie 16:14 26 Aug 2004

I work in the pc retail industry and recently had a very similar run in with VAIO support. A customer had brought a VAIO laptop into me reporting it wasnt reading DVD's she had tried contacting Sony directly but had nothing but problems. I contacted them on behalf of the customer to be told I needed to try a firmware update that should sort the problem.

I go download and install the firmware to find the problem remains I test the laptop in dos by trying booting from CD still no joy. I creat a bootable DVD still no joy. I then re-contact Sony VAIO support now noticing they have no option for faulty machines press ??? After getting through the person at the other end consults a VAIO technician and comes back to tell me to attempt a restore. The customer has data they do not want to lose if possible so I tell them that I have already tested the pc outside of windows and that a recovery will have no effect on the faulty DVD.

After several minutes arguing with them they finally agree to arrange a pick up of the laptop but only after threatening me with a £37 to get the laptop back if there is no fault found.

To add to their total lack of support or acceptance that even Sony machines can go faulty when they returned the laptop. They had replaced the drive but had not included any form of job sheet or admitance of there having actualy been a fault on the laptop.

If this had been a one off experiance, I could have written it off but I am hearing this more and more from my customers and I also wonder if there is anything that can be done about them.

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