Sony VAIO -bad USB port (out of box). My rights?

  vin123 11:23 07 Dec 2009

I bought a Sony Vaio from a Sony Centre on 07Nov09. One of the USB ports was not working out of the box and a usb connector would go only half they way in. I went back exactly 7 days later and the guys at sony centre (after initially telling me that I cannot return it once the box has been opened) determined that the USB was indeed faulty. They still refused to replace it since there was a small scratch on the lid of the laptop and asked me to register the product and send it away for service. I have emailed them last week with the same query and have their response on email.
The problem is that I cannot afford to send it away. As a customer can I still ask for a replacement or a substitute laptop while mine is repaired? What are my rights in this case?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

  sunnystaines 13:03 07 Dec 2009

I would get a refund and go elsewhere. The sony centre sold you the pc not sony so the sonycentre [a franchise] has to sort it out with you.

  keef66 13:25 07 Dec 2009

tell them in writing that under the Sale of Goods Act you are rejecting it as not fit for purpose. You want a new, fully functional laptop, not a repaired one after a 3 week wait. Contact Citizen's Advice Bureau if you're at all unsure.

  vin123 14:31 07 Dec 2009

thanks for the reply above.
Is the store right to tell me that they will not take the laptop back because of the scratch on the lid?

When you say that I need to let them know in writing do I send them an email or do I write them an old fashioned letter?

Kindly advice

  sunnystaines 15:15 07 Dec 2009

the scratch is irrelevant.

our local sony centre is very helpful ask for head office number of sonycentre and complain in a polite but firm manner.

  Pamy 16:17 07 Dec 2009

I think that you have to decide what you want. Do you want it repaired? ( you could be a while with out it)

Do you want your money back?

Do you want it replaced?

When you have come to a decision, then stick to it and go all out for it.

If you get no joy from the store MANAGER, the put your claim in writting the good old fashioned way by recorded delivery( where they have to sign as recieving it)

  Pamy 16:28 07 Dec 2009
  spuds 19:48 07 Dec 2009

The products is only a month old, so its not for you to pay to have the product sent away for repairs under the Sony warranty. its the retailers duty to comply with consumer law.

But you have mentioned a scratch on the lid. How did this happen, because it could make a difference on how the issue is dealt with. Use the Consumer Direct link above, or call at your local Trading Standards, Consumer Advice Centre, CAB for their advice.

  vin123 16:44 08 Dec 2009

Hi, thanks all for your replies.
Update - I contacted consumer direct and they have advised me to write to them by recorded delivery.
I will write to them and ask for my money back.

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