sony repair centre ,criminal damage claim,sony not

  sampson499 17:01 25 Mar 2008

My Dony vaio 297bx pro of 18 months , Camera use / vidio review over 11 days , blew graphics card .
Case 1/ civil small claime as at perchase unfit for purpore . EG : if camera use from new , graphics would have gone within garentee period ?
cases 2 onwards / small claime for each of 16 items of damage , laptop conflicts . a month apart as seperate cases.

invited to contact .
they not reply .
Sony phone eng + premium helpline .only offer to re-repair .
since laptop returned damaged , jan 10 2008 ,cant find person of worth to write to.
From hard drives reconfigured/ supplied recover errors, not usable on board to/ physical screwdriver damage to lid , its criminal damage , legal matter . I can sue the arse off them , if Right person written to 'CAnt find uk sony person whose relavent/current ADVICE, HELP

  Forum Editor 17:24 25 Mar 2008

Criminal damage, and suing people, let's get a few facts straight:

1. Where did you buy this machine?

2. When did you buy it?

3. Did you buy it online, or in person, in a store?

4. How long after purchase did the first fault appear?

5. What did you do about that, and when?

6. You say that your laptop was returned damaged - returned from where - and when?

We can't help you unless you provide clear, concise details, and please don't repeat the bad language you used in your opening post; if you do, your post will be deleted. Keep calm, and provide the information I have asked for - we'll take it from there.

  spuds 17:31 25 Mar 2008

A simple Sony in Google, came up with click here Vaio Support 0870 2402408. They might have the answer for you.

  laurie53 18:36 25 Mar 2008

Criminal damage? Why would they?

  sampson499 15:55 16 Apr 2008

Sony vaio xp 297 xp pro ,
brought Micro anvica, totenham ct rd , 08/ 06/06.
@ 18 months low, caring domestic use , graphics blows.( case of unfit for purpose via civil case .eg : vidio review would have blown graphics in garentee period ).
Graphics blew 08/12/07 , phoned sony helplin3 10/12/06.described graphics simtoms accuratly, as know problem , given no option , but to do unnecessary reset, loosing all data / items for no reson.( case for compensation ) see last item ?
DHL collect 11/12/07 , back from sony repair centre scotland 10/01/08, charged £585.67 , hi rate repair .Camr back , hard drives in wronge,scatched, reconfigure, C boot only 35Gb .new eng supplied recovery , errors ,conflicts and no use from onboard as now no partition.
blue tooth on with wifi / wifi connect error, intermittent .
Keyboard gapped, supplied dirt.
No SD seen ,mmc slot wrong,
Lastly the lid ,all over scuffed, and screwdriver goudge damage .
Invited to email customer
No response till last wednesday, how long?
Its being done at supervisor level,and note this: by agreement , i keep the c drive .
their to offer something ? I say feeling litigiouse , so it better be good .
DHL collected 14/04/08 , '5 days', ill believe it as it happens. Patrick
No auto respons of 'recieved', bad service.
no confirm being done, poor customer care, and how.
Too many ,able to do too little .
My experience should be usefull to sony , it really is a series of valuable leassons.
Its little time alocation, poor business model.
think how it could so easiy be done right ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:17 16 Apr 2008



  sampson499 15:28 21 Apr 2008

to lauri53 . Yuo tell me ,its all exactly as stated . Thought I would not be believed, but as listed . its being delt with at superviser level .
Sony repair , actually represent , as such ,' Teleplan of Cholster, so are fully responsible in law .
Im hoping to see laptop back soon , in what state ? You should see the similar postings for teleplan, really they should be out of business .

To Ganfelf , what exacly do you mean 'Eh '? I aswered editors questions .
Hope no one is having problems with my syntax ? I can be very dylexic @ times , also sight poor till cateract done , now on hold for epileptic neuology tests, with the cerible palsy.

  tullie 16:04 21 Apr 2008

Can understand what Gandalf means,i feel sorry for you,you seem to have a lot of complaints!But dont understand how these complaints effect how its laid out.Forgive me if im wrong.

  sezums 04:54 18 Jul 2008

buying my first Sony laptop was an absolute mistake. I am now making a formal complaint regarding my brand new laptop which came back to me full of scratches. And they're wanting to charge me 180.00 to change the casing.

I'm a repair technician myself for digital cameras. I had a 45 minute conversation explaining the situation and I couldn't believe my ears. So much so that the only thing I got out of it was an address where to send my complaint. If you would like the address please email me [email protected] and I'll be more than happy.

I'm a person that admits a bad or a wrong doing but I promise myself that justice needs to be done here for myself and eveyone else who's having same problems.

I am also taking this to the press if I must and john lewis will be informed of it (that's where I purchased the laptop)

Good luck with your case did you sort it in the end?? Was it resolved?


  spuds 11:45 18 Jul 2008

Surely, if you purchased from John Lewis, then that is where you should have raised the complaint originally, and not direct with Sony!.

Perhaps a new thread by yourself would be recommended, as to the outcome of your problems. The originator of this thread hasn't responded for 3 months, so perhaps their issue is now closed. Would also suggest that posting a personal email address is not recommended on this forum, for safety reasons.The little yellow envelope will provide invited email contact.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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