Sony PS3 - a snip at £455

  Forum Editor 19:22 22 Mar 2007

That's the VAT inclusive price being asked by one UK online retailer. I can buy the same machine in New York for $599, which currently converts to just under £305. Why do we pay so much more for the same thing? There must be a reason, because it happens time and time again. I'm genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of this, and I don't accept the old chestnut 'packaging costs are higher in Europe' or 'distribution costs are higher' excuses.

Brownie points for everyone who posts without using the time-honoured phrase "Rip off Britain"

  SB23 19:46 22 Mar 2007

At £425 I've seen it advertised for, when my wife said did I want one, I said it'll wait until my Xbox dies, even then, unless they drop a fair bit, I'm afraid Sony have lost a loyal customer.


  Monoux 19:53 22 Mar 2007

Looks like we're stumped for words if we can't use those that actually apply :o)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:59 22 Mar 2007

prices because time and time again we demonstrate we are prepared to pay.
It sounds too simplistic, but (for example) look at the prices football fans pay to watch their teams, buy the merchandise, pay over the top satellite subscriptions, then pay again for 'pay per view' matches. They are bled dry, yet they come back for more!
The only way it will change is if people stop buying and market forces take over, forcing prices down, but it has to be the same market forces which are currently keeping prices high.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:04 22 Mar 2007

subscription, how come people pay high subscription AND have to suffer advertising as well. Murdoch is really taking the UK for a ride.

  Belatucadrus 20:08 22 Mar 2007

Does make it kind of hard to answer the question correctly, but you already knew that didn't you ?
When you cut away the flannel and sales pitch, that's what you're left with. We get charged more because we will generally whinge a bit and then pay up anyway. If we all suddenly said stuff this for a game of soldiers and left the products on the shelf we'd be charged more appropriately. The ball's in our court if we don't want to be seen as a soft touch we should stop acting like one.

  Snec 20:52 22 Mar 2007

Arthur Scrimshaw, spot on. It's not difficult to work out and I am surprised FE keeps asking.

  Totally-braindead 21:02 22 Mar 2007

The answer is one of two I think. Either all the companies think we in the UK are so used to moaning that they feel they can charge whatever they like and our mindset is that we'll moan about it but still buy it OR its because everyone hates us.

Sorry FE I cannot think of one genuine possability for the price differences. Perhaps my remarks above in option 1 as it were is closer to the mark than we would like. In the US, if they were charged a huge lump of cash more than people in other countries I feel sure they just wouldn't buy it. Whereas we moan about it but still purchase.

  Kate B 22:46 22 Mar 2007

I dunno. Higher overheads? Running a retail outlet isn't cheap in the UK with staff costs, rates, high cost of borrowing etc. But that doesn't answer the question because it's an RRP that Sony has set, the retailers don't have much wiggle-room on it.

On a related note, I've been given a 360 and zoomed out to have a look at games and a couple of accessories today and nearly collapsed in shock. £50 for a game? You have GOT to be joking!

  Forum Editor 23:02 22 Mar 2007

If it's so easy to work out, why don't you tell me?

  esbe 23:29 22 Mar 2007

click here
It appears that Sony have tinkered with the European version, quite why I do not know.

But I'm still at a loss to know why it still costs more over here.

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