Sony NV-U50T Sat Nav - anyone got one or used one

  cyberphobic 20:57 29 Oct 2006

Bought one of these a few weeks ago and then had to send it back to Sony for repairs - see this thread click here
The sole reason I bought it was that it was the best buy in the Sept 2006 edition of PC Advisor's review of Sat Navs. I have now got it back from Sony and it is no better - basically it seems to lose signal so it never catches up with real time, so as a navigation aid it is utterly useless. I will of course be sending it back to Sony again, but does anyone have first hand experience of this model? I came across another review on the net from someone else experiencing the same problems - have I been unlucky or have I bought a duff model?

  cyberphobic 22:08 30 Oct 2006

So I am the only person who's bought one then!

  wherty 22:13 30 Oct 2006


  anchor 11:48 31 Oct 2006

I wish you good luck with Sony.

I don`t know anything about this Sony SatNav, but the loss of signal might be due to various factors, possibly you have an athermic windscreen fitted to your car. If so, that would certainly reduce the GPS signal. Check with an authorised dealer of you vehicle. You may need an additional antenna, if one can be fitted to your Sony model.

Other factors include the area in which you are driving. It is well known that high buildings, and even a lot of trees can screen the signal. Does this problem occur when you are driving in the open country?.

Have a read here:

click here

I am surprised that PCA gave it "best buy", when the overwhelming opinion on SatNavs is that TomTom is the best. This is no help to you I know.

  anchor 13:13 31 Oct 2006

I see that from the Sony site that the spec: of their next model, NV-U70T, is similar to your model, (except it has full European mapping).

It states that the NV-U70T does not have a socket for an external antenna; then probably yours does`nt either. If the athermic windscreen is your problem, then it appears you are are stuck. You would need to check.

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  cyberphobic 13:48 31 Oct 2006

Many thanks for your helpful posts, the car in question (my wife's) is a Peugeot 206 which is one of those listed as possibly having an athermic windscreen. However, the problem is so random that I suspect an intermittent fault on the Sat Nav - drive 2 miles to the shops it works perfectly, drive back 10 minutes later no signal at all! This model does have an external antenna socket, I know because I've already managed to buy an antenna with the wrong plug on it! Anyway, have sent it back to Sony today, will update when it's returned.

  anchor 15:20 31 Oct 2006

cyberphobic: Yes; being on the same route in the same car, (and I assume with the Sony in the same position), it is very odd.

Hope you get the problem resolved very soon.

  cyberphobic 16:22 03 Dec 2006

Item received back from Sony on Friday,tested over a 350 mile route over the weekend and now working perfectly!!

  anchor 16:29 03 Dec 2006


It took quite a time, but I am glad all has worked out for you. Happy motoring.

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