SONY Notebooks

  hiko 13:48 28 Feb 2008

Hi ! I’m new on this forum !
Just some pieces of advice ;) :
What do you think about these url:"click here">SONY Notebooks /url> , I know that I want a Sony, but I can’t choose !
Which one do you prefer ?
Thank you ! :)

  Totally-braindead 16:27 28 Feb 2008

How longs a bit of string?

I don't see how anyone can answer that it depends on how much you can afford and what you propose to use it for.

Assuming Vista (which it will be) get a dual core processor and 2 gig of RAM, rest of it such as the graphics, screen size, hard drive space and other options depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you want to do with it.

  GaT7 18:02 28 Feb 2008

And, how portable do you need it to be? Of course smaller, lighter ones have greater portability - but you may be after a biggish screen size.

There are other laptop manufacturers that offer better value for a similar spec. But if you're set on a Sony, go for it. G

  Kemistri 18:19 28 Feb 2008

Quick tip: just enter the URL when you want to produce a link - you don't need syntax.

  Marko797 23:21 28 Feb 2008

last week. Doesn't have to be Vista, as BX51XP is XP Pro. Try BTShop which I did. Excellent delivery, plus voucher for £50 cashback from Sony. It does everything I want from the laptop. Core 2 duo, 2 gb RAM, T7250 processor, 15.4" display, 120gb HDD.

  Marko797 23:23 28 Feb 2008
  GaT7 12:19 29 Feb 2008

For a 17" model, I'd recommend one of these - based on price & spec:

1. £799.99 delivered - Sony Vaio AR51M click here: Core 2 Duo T7250 2.0GHz / 2GB / 320GB [2x160Gb] / 17" WXGA+ / Blu-Ray drive [read only] / 8400M GT GPU 256MB / Vista Home Premium / Built-in camera / Kensington Lock

4% Quidco cashback click here will take £32 off

(Bit about how Quidco works in this thread click here)

2. £689.99 delivered - Sony Vaio AR61E click here: Core 2 Duo T5450 1.66GHz / 2GB / 200GB / 17.1" / DVD Super multi / 8400M GT GPU / Vista Home Premium / Built-in camera / Kensington Lock

4% Quidco cashback (above for link) will take £27-28 off. G

P.S. Quidco offers 2.5% cashback from the BT Shop click here

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