Sony freebies

  Severn Bore 18:42 07 Jan 2009

I have been waiting over a month for two free Blu-ray discs from Sony as part of their deal on a Blu-ray player. It was necessary to apply for the discs by using a DVD supplied with the player. This I did and the application must have been accepted OK as I have recently re-applied in case of a problem to be told that the offer on the disc has already been activatedf.
Has anyone else experienced problems of delivery and if so, do you have an effective contact address for Sony UK?
Many thanks

  961 18:51 07 Jan 2009

I believe there is a difficulty with the distributor of the discs (which may, or may not, be connected with the Woolies company that distributed many of the discs sold in the UK) and some who bought the player in November are only now receiving their free discs

There is a contact button on the Sony web site where you can e-mail them or 01932 816000 is their support number

  oresome 20:16 07 Jan 2009

It beats me with all these incentive deals, money back from the manufacturer etc why they don't implement them at the point of sale.

I can only assume that many people don't bother applying, saving the manufacturer some money.

  Chaz10 22:50 07 Jan 2009

I presume you mean Casino Royale and Batman Begins disks on the Sony BDS350, got mine 7 days after I got the player. That was at the start of November.

  dagnammit 23:13 07 Jan 2009

You've reminded me there's one to send to Canon for £30.

  Severn Bore 15:58 08 Jan 2009

Thanks for your replies. I have contacted Sony to clarify the situation. Their website is nicely presented, but threw up a numkber of technical problems, such as failing to recognise entries made on a questionairre

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