Sony conect store £35 for title of tracks!!!!

  josie mayhem 22:54 03 Jul 2006

Being honest doesn't pay!!!!!

For the first time tonight I downloaded some music at a cost of £35 from the sony conect store via the conect player, my assumption was that for this I would be able to burn the music to cd as well has keeping a copy on my hard drive.

Only to find that when I tried to burn a copy of the first album (3 albums in total)that I had exceeded the maxium allowed and that I would need to repurchase! so I tried to play the song and nothing, so I tried the other 2 albums that we downloaded and nothing can't play them, I think we played one track before I tried burning a copy.

I have e-mailed them explaining our dissapointment of spending £35 for recieving just titles of albums and tracks in there player and asked what they are intended to do about it?

  SG Atlantis® 23:16 03 Jul 2006

that's shocking.

now if you had bought cds. you could have ripped them a dozen times over and loaded them to your player.

let us know what they say...

  spuds 23:27 03 Jul 2006

Excuse my stupidity on matter of this kind. But I can never understand how someone would purchase downloads, when it would possibly be cheaper to purchased the albums in the first place. No burning, no problems, the records are in your hands for as long as you want to use them. If the albums prove faulty, then its a simple case of return under consumer law.

  Forum Editor 23:33 03 Jul 2006

I doubt it very much.

  SG Atlantis® 23:37 03 Jul 2006

it can be FE.

spuds is right. CDS are cheaper, especially online from Jersey.

  josie mayhem 23:38 03 Jul 2006

I will, as soon as I get a reply...

  Stuartli 23:41 03 Jul 2006

Not necessarily.

I've never bought an audio CD or even LP (apart from the odd exception such as Elton John's Too Low for Zero) that never had more than three, four or five tracks in which I was interested - the rest of the tracks were a waste of time and merely album fillers.

  josie mayhem 23:50 03 Jul 2006

If everything went o.k, then I would have had 3 albums one which would have been a triple album, and sadly it is very hard to walk into any record store and find the ramones, ted nugent and who's heard of edgar broguhton! (hubby's music)

The files for each album are in my music folder, and I can access each track! but try to play them I'm told that I need to go on the internet to purchase a lience! of which I've already done so.

But I hadn't even got to the stage of even atempting to burn 2 of the albums, even though the sony conect player might refuse to allow me to burn futher copies, surley I should be able to still actualy play them with the player? and why did it stop the other albums that I hadn't even touched?

I can only sit and wait to see what sony conect has to say, hopefuly I shalln't have to wait long

  SG Atlantis® 23:54 03 Jul 2006

on a track for track basis they are.

Fair enough when ya buy an album you might not like all the content but it's still better value than downloads strangled by DRM.

I can think of several albums I've bought where I liked all the content except maybe one or two songs. Even some in a HMV sale for as little as £2.00 I still listen to them. Another one by Lene Marlin I bought for £7 years ago and I still listen to it.

  Input Overload 00:21 04 Jul 2006

It's beyond my understanding why people buy music on-line regardless of the fact that MP3 is a lossy format, Cd's still have advantages.

  spuds 00:35 04 Jul 2006

"would 'possibly' be cheaper to purchase the albums in the first place".

Good sources of 'cheaper' records can be obtained from 101cd,caiman,cdwow, amazon and many more outlets.

Take a recent example, arranged by Amazon UK. Wanted a special 10 track cd called Rimur- Steindor Andersen. Amazon made the necessary contacts, and I received a brand new sealed copy from Caiman USA. Absolutely first class service, with regular very friendly emails on order progress. Cd ordered late evening on the 17/05/2006 and was delivered within 10 days via Germany, all for the pricely sum of £3.62 plus £1.24 postage. Try beating that for cheapness!.

The above mentioned companies, and other cheaper outlets, have literally saved me pounds over the years, especially on imports and the rarity finds.

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