Sony AD-5260S-0B or Sony AD-7280S-OB DVDRW drive?

  PC_HelpMe 20:35 04 Dec 2011

Hi people,

I hope you can help. I am just about to buy a new internal DVDRW drive (the one in my tower has had a door/tray malfunction and despite numerous attempts to clean it, the tray just won't open 8 out of 10 attempts).

Anyway, I have spotted 2 but not quite sure what the difference is and hope you can clarify for me.

They are Sony AD-5260S-0B and Sony AD-7280S-0B.

Thank you for any help you have. :)

  BRYNIT 21:06 04 Dec 2011

Apart from the number they have the same specs. It could be that the AD-5260-0B is an older model.

  PC_HelpMe 21:20 04 Dec 2011

Thank you. Does it matter that one has "OEM" in the title?

  interzone55 09:02 05 Dec 2011


OEM products are generally supplied to PC builders, and normally come without manuals, install discs, boxes etc.

I would also expect a Sony OEM product to be supplied without a manufacturers warranty, so if the boxed product has more than one year warranty you should go for that

  PC_HelpMe 11:08 05 Dec 2011

Thank you - I may just go for the 5260 model then which isn't the OEM one (if I have understood what you have said alan14).

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