Somewhat late but I couldn't resist this!

  TOPCAT® 16:43 06 Apr 2003

Ideal for some, I suppose, if you want to make an exhibition of yourself!! :)) TC.

New lease of life for toilet roll.

An internet toilet roll browser and a net-enabled chopping board are among cutting edge designs at the Ideal Home Show.

Brunel University design graduates came up with five of the 15 products showcased in the Future Concepts gallery.

Design graduate Andrew Cubitt has taken the humble toilet roll and turned it into a hi-tech news and information service.

A unit installed in front of a toilet on the cubicle wall provides up-to-the-minute information on products, stocks and shares and lottery results.

People can even print off the information on a standard toilet roll.

For more click here

  -pops- 18:00 06 Apr 2003

There is always a question that never seems to be asked about in innovations like this. That question is WHY?

WHY should one want an Internet toilet roll?

WHY should one want an Internet chopping board?

Technology for technologies sake.

I recall staying at a hotel in the USA that had musical toilet rolls. Each time paper was used, it played a selection of musical notes. I suppose if all cubicles were being used at the same time, eventually you would be able to play the whole of Beethoven's Choral Symphony, on the same principle as an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters would be able to write the complete works of Shakespeare. Of exactly the same usefulness as the examples quoted.

Remember it is only a few days since the first of the month. Is this a joke that was somehow left behind?


  rev.bem 18:02 06 Apr 2003

Personally i think the prime use for toilet paper should be reflected in its name.

click here

  Wirral Bagpuss 18:10 06 Apr 2003

Absolutely brilliant!. I particularly liked the Pops contribution about the muscial toilet rolls, and rev. bem's link was a masterpiece. Will have me laughing all night! :)

  -pops- 18:18 06 Apr 2003

My account is real.

The hotel is near Newark, New Jersey. In the foyer there is a polar bear playing a Bechstein grand piano. I don't think the bear is real as it sits there playing all day and night without a break for a swim or anything to eat.

Just having a thought: Perhaps he could be moved nearer the "bathroom" and, in the fullness of time we may get the Greig Piano Concerto.


  ams4127 20:40 06 Apr 2003

Thanks folks, you've made my day!!

  mr.hankey 22:45 06 Apr 2003

With reference to stitb****e i like the idea of the thirty days satisfaction gaurantee.
Wouldnt like to work in there returns department though!

  dblspace 22:56 06 Apr 2003

Why?-----You wont need to take the Newspaper to
the toilet (to read of course).

  Goldcroft 07:20 07 Apr 2003

Thank god for humour.

  TOPCAT® 14:23 07 Apr 2003

I wonder if Brian's hotel polar bear is moved upstairs in the evenings, where no doubt some Chamber music by Poe - sorry - Schubert is in order?

I also assume a Polaroid camera is the norm for taking photographs? !! :)) TC.

  €dstow 18:23 07 Apr 2003

The hotel is the Glenpointe Marriott at Teaneck, New Jersey near the New Jersey turnpike, a few miles from George Washington bridge.

I've stayed there several times. Always a lot of Japanese staying there as Samsung is just down the road. The polar bear is a bit tatty now and is not working very often.

No musical toilet rolls though.


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