Some prices are coming down.......

  cocteau48 15:34 17 Oct 2008

A couple of weeks ago I ran the Crucial scan for 2 Gig of ram for my machine and the price was about £44.00. Checked again few days ago .... under £40.00.
Similarly EBuyer were selling a Fujitsu Esprimo dual boot (Vista business/XP) laptop for about £305.00 .... now its £289.98 (same spec).
Starts to make you wonder how far and how long this trend might continue.

  interzone55 16:03 17 Oct 2008

IT prices are constantly fluctuating.

RAM experiences some quite startling price changes, depending on the output from the many factories in Korea, when a couple batches fail, so supply drops the price goes up, when supply goes up, the price drops.

With the Ebuyer laptop, that's a model that's reaching the end of it's life, so the price will drop gradually until the stock runs out.

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