Some help please on Sony and LG LCD displays

  IanHC 00:10 22 Apr 2003

After having problems with 3 CRT monitors over the last few months, I am considering buying a TFT display. My preferred size would be a 17 or 18", and it would be used for photo editing, word processing and watching films. Also I do a fair amount of games playing, so I would need a display with a good screen refresh rate, a pixel response of 16ms, a screen response time of 20ms. I shortlisted 2 monitors, a Sony X72 and an LG L1810B. I would like readers and users comments to the models I am considering buying, and users who have Lcd displays to give me their verdicts on their displays, and even some recommendations of their own. Many Thanks. Ian

  Blitzer 00:21 22 Apr 2003

I recently bought a new computer for my girlfriend that came with the LG L1810B and it is a very nice monitor. Looks good both display wise and physically. Checkout Evesham for price, may be cheaper than some vendors. ;-)

  powerless 00:26 22 Apr 2003

L1810B Well i have this and cannot fault it.

Text is clear to see and pictures are also clear. It has no problem showing a DVD, picture is excellent.

I use a resolution of 1024X728, 32bits @ 60Hz.

Computer games well it can handle them with ease, the ones i play at least.

I use the DVI to connect it to my graphics card. It also has a built in USB hub which gives you two extra USB ports.

You can get better displays but at the price its excellent.

However your response time i think this TFT has a response time of 40ms.

But with any display its best to see them first with your own eyes.

  rct 09:04 22 Apr 2003

If you want a TFT, make sure you also consider the Eizo L565, a 17" Super-IPS (In-Plane Switching) monitor. I bought mine last August and really cannot fault it as a TFT monitor.

When I was at CeBit this year it was still easily the best of the bunch, beating other panels with lower "quoted" response times. This is still the only TFT monitor I've found with viewing angles actually comparable to a CRT.

Please appreciate that all TFTs available currently exhibit some degree of trailing... whether it's noticeable or not is for you eyes to decide. CRTs have infinitely quicker response times.

You mention problems you experienced with CRTs... I sent back 7 CRTs (four of the same model) before I found one I was 100% happy with: The Philips 109P20 which was perfect 1st time. The other monitors suffered geometry problems, corner focus issues, purity errors, covergenge problems. I am still very pleased with this (trinitron tube equipped) monitor. I have the eizo for another machine where space is an issue.

I sense from your post that a CRT may still satify your needs better, with it's resolution flexibility and response times. If space isn't an issue and you feel that your needs would still be better served by one, do check out the 109P20 otherwise try out the Eizo L565 I'm sure you'll be delighted. Good luck with the purchase ;-)

  « Ravin » 11:03 22 Apr 2003

well i got the 15" lg1510 its excellent too..

  IanHC 06:01 24 Apr 2003

Many thanks guys for your support in helping me choose an Lcd display.
Now that I have decided to buy an LG 1018B, I would like to know if it is responsive with fast games like Unreal Tournament and Red Faction-2. My graphics card is a Leadtek Winfast A250 TD Ultra GeForce-4 4600, 128mb and it has DVI, S-video and Svga out. With this genre of games, will I have ghosting and trailing and if so, how much. And no, I will not upgrade to a Radeon Pro, better the devil you know rather than the devil you dont. Many thanks again. Ian

  IanHC 04:44 25 Apr 2003

Many thanks guys for your help over the last few days. I have found my TFT, its an Hitachi CML174SXW. To date I have used LG, Sony, Eizo and Iiyama, It is the best TFT I have seen that handles games very well indeed.

I have no regrets paying £367 for it, as its the best I have owned / used to date.

Go on guys, give your eyes a treat and buy this monitor. If not may you suffer and pixelate in CRT land.

Many Thanks


  chrishillcoat 17:57 25 Apr 2003

Was that £367 inclusive of VAT?

  Rayuk 18:49 25 Apr 2003

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  powerless 19:00 25 Apr 2003

I've played UT (well the Demo) and everything looked great.

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