Some good news from BT

  Cymro. 13:30 09 Aug 2007

It seems that BT are reducing their prises for BB. The cheapest (option one) is to come down from £18 a month to £15 a month. The only snag (if you think it a snag) is that you have to sign on for another twelve months.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:53 09 Aug 2007

Tiscali are charging me £20 for line rental and 8Mb BB. BT are not even on the same planet.


  HCOOH 14:59 09 Aug 2007

They must have powerful transmitters then.

  Cymro. 15:16 09 Aug 2007

I have criticized BT as much as anyone, but I guess they must be doing something right with the share of the market that they have.
You pays your money and takes your choice etc.

  Chegs ®™ 15:26 09 Aug 2007

Tiscali are charging me £18 for my connection + phone.I cant call it BB as if it was any slower I'd have no connection.Its supposed to be "upto 8mbs" yet I've only once seen 50kb/s and the rest of my time is spent screaming in frustration @ 0.5kb/s.I have obtained my MAC and am awaiting the invoice from my new provider.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:53 09 Aug 2007

'You pays your money and takes your choice etc.'..I'd rather save £10 a month. I've had Tiscali for 3 years and the speeds are lightening fast.


  pj123 18:11 09 Aug 2007

The only good thing I have had from BT was about 6 months ago. They replaced two telegraph poles close to my house. Both these poles carried phone cables to my house which I didn't want as I don't have any BT phones.

When they replaced the poles they also removed all the cables to my house. Great!!

  cream. 18:27 09 Aug 2007

They've gone bust?

To follow on from pj123

" The only good thing I have had from BT "

was the final bill.

  Stuartli 18:55 09 Aug 2007

BT owns the infrastructure over which most broadband services are made available.

In any case TalkTalk's International3 broadband, phone and line rental package for £20.50 a month is still way, way ahead of any other ISP in the UK:

click here

  [email protected] 19:42 09 Aug 2007

i pay £30 per month,broadband,phone incl line rental unlimited landline calls and cable tv

  Jimmy14 21:25 09 Aug 2007

not to mention their customer support based in India. I am so glad to get rid of that company and get the 8mb speeds I deserve for the money I pay. I was with them for 3 years and the last year it went down hill.

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