some comet advice?

  wky 16:23 17 Aug 2007

Hi all, I'm not very happy with the way comet deal with things. Recently bought a fridge freezer from them well actually 3 months ago and since then weird noises have started sounding and now a really bad smell is coming from the back. An engineer came before like 2 months ago and said they would get back to us but never did. I asked for a refund at the beginning but they wouldn't accept it cause we signed at the delivery saying it was okay, but we couldn't have known there was a problem inside the thing. Any ideas what I can do? Thanks

  mole44 16:28 17 Aug 2007

Go back to them and complain,do not shout or ball be firm and polite,the should then do something if not go to trading standards for advice.failing that go to the small claims court fill out the forms give it to them and say you`ll activate the claim in two weeks if nothing happens.just filling in the form will cost nothing ,but,it shows your intensions.the activation of your claim will however cost you,buton winning you get your money you spent on your court costs.

  v1asco 16:53 17 Aug 2007

This is the site you want, or give them a call

click here

It also helps if you use phrases, politely spoken, such as "I have been advised by trading standards that ....."

it seems the machine was only one month old when you made the complaint so there is a good chance that they will have to offer you a refund. At least thats what it says here

click here

  BrianW 16:57 17 Aug 2007

As above, but put it in writing, log all the dates and discussions, then give them a copy (make sure its marked "Comet Copy" - then they know you are keeping a file and they can't claim they weren't informed).

When I had a problem with my Sharp LCD screen they were most helpful and totally up to speed regarding the Sale of Goods act, they even had the details on a large poster by the service desk in the store.

  Starfox 18:53 17 Aug 2007

That's one of the problems with Comet, they think if they ignore you, you will go away. I know because my wife used to work for them.

Stick to your guns and keep on at them, complain, complain and complain again is the answer. As for you signing for the item *In good condition* that's just waffle on their part, all you could confirm was that the packaging was undamaged or that the item was cosmetically acceptable had you unpacked it.

A handy tip - they do not like bad publicity, threats of trading standards and the local/national papers will get them moving, eventually!

  SB23 19:13 17 Aug 2007

I'm with the first 3 replies that you've had.

Complain to the store again, then use the other options if you need to.
Always remember to be polite, you will find that you'll get more of a response.

I used to work for Comet, 2 stores back in South Wales, and we never treated anyone the way Starfox suggests.

  Starfox 19:23 17 Aug 2007

Well Comet did change hands a while ago and re-vamped all the stores so I suppose they may treat customers better now.

All I can tell you is that the Mrs got so fed up dealing with all the aggro (she did not work in sales by the way) she left and went to Currys, and that's another story in itself.:o)

  spuds 20:52 17 Aug 2007

Personally I wouldn't give Comet the time of day since 'new management' took over the company, from the Kingfisher Group. I had a minor problem that escalated into something larger, and the local store and head office didn't want to help resolve the issue. That attitude lost them a number of past and future customers.

Stating because you signed for it okay on delivery,changes your consumer rights is utter nonsense. If there is a noise and a smell then something is definitely wrong.

Contact Consumer Direct click here for further advice.

  wky 21:18 17 Aug 2007

thanks all for advice will try that

  Stuartli 00:27 18 Aug 2007

This is one of the main reasons why you are far better dealing with your local independent audio/visual/appliances outlet.

After sales service and attention is paramount to ensure both repeat business and personal recommendation to friends and family.

What's more the cost of the product can be very similar as many such retailers are members of Euronics, an independent buying group that has more UK outlets than any of the major high street stores.

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