Sold a returned xbox360?

  belfman 22:19 01 Jun 2008

I just tried to register my abox online and it said "In Warranty: epires 1/8/2009" If that's correct then someone else registered on the 8 January 2008?

  Totally-braindead 22:56 01 Jun 2008

I would email them and ask the reason for the date saying that you just bought it.

  belfman 23:00 01 Jun 2008

I thought the box had been opened when I bought it but thought no more. The receipt says no quibble exchange / refund in 21 days... I'm at day 23 I'll be asking for the manager in the morning. T-B it would have asked me for a purchase date, I'm led to believe, so I can only conclude it had been entered previously.

  sean-278262 23:20 01 Jun 2008

Take it back as Totally-braindead said. Under sale of goods you have been sold an item as incorrectly described. 21day guarantee is generally nothing to worry about. You purchased with the expectation that all items are correct for a new unit.

In many cases you cannot find out if something has a feature until it has been tried and this is not always possible to be found out as soon as you get it. My camera is nearly a year old now and Im still finding new features.

Out of interest where did you purchase it. However before you return it be sure to check with the register option to check you have not inputed the number incorrectly.

  belfman 00:39 02 Jun 2008

Number is accurate.... bought from HMV Belfast.

  spuds 10:38 02 Jun 2008

Looks like a back to the store, and see what they say.

I was in a well known computer superstore the other week, and the sale-person made it very clear to me about purchasing unsealed goods from them. If the same items on the shelf are sealed, and others are not, then think in terms of returns and the unsealed product might not seem what it should be, with little or no genuine history.

  belfman 13:32 02 Jun 2008

Indeed spuds. I called xbox help and they confirmed it had been registered in Jan. I called HMV and spoke to the store manager and he asked me to print out the info from the web page and bring it with me... I could have a replacement and he'd investigate my problem/their issue.

Got to the store and it was the ASSistant manager, he was ackward, denied it could have happened... told me it has a 1yr warranty with them anyhow. I repeated the same thing throughout the conversation... I had spoke to the Store Manager (Richard) and he said he'd replace it with a brand new sealed box. That's what I'd like... a replacement. He told me he couldn't take it back and I repeated myself again with "a replacement or refund, failing that I will seek legal advice".

He went away and came back with a new sealed box and said "You could have told me you where speaking to Richard (Store Manager)"

I replied... "I told you several times!"

  spuds 17:34 02 Jun 2008

belfman-- Going on my conversation with a salesperson the other week, it would appear that selling and not checking 'returns' is becoming the norm with some retailers.

Perhaps a word with your local trading standards might be in order, considering the awkward attitude of the assistant manager. Someone in a position of authority, who perhaps should have known better in customer relations and consumer law!.

  Armchair 20:20 02 Jun 2008

Do you think it could have been used an in-store demonstration console, before you bought it?

  Totally-braindead 20:34 02 Jun 2008

It doesn't matter how it was used. It was used and was sold as new. I think its unlikely it was used as an in store display as it was registered. Lets face it the shop people wouldn't have registered it would they?

Glad you got it sorted belfman. What goes around comes around so next time you are looking for something perhaps consider this shop last or at least avoid the assistant manager.

  belfman 23:39 02 Jun 2008

If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any.

Unpacked the xbox360 noticed a headset (that wasn't in the last box :) ) and unwrapped the 360 I noticed that the face plate is warped at one side. So I'm off to HMV tomorrow to see if I can get them to swap the face plate over with the one I took back or something. A new face plate costs £14.99.

In all I'm annoyed at losing my saved games etc more than the hassle I've had changing the unit... racked up a good score on PGR4 and 30 odd % of the way through GTA4. :((

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