Sold a faulty laptop from PC world but they won't accept responsibilty

  Jekalog 21:09 16 Apr 2013


I bought a display model laptop from PC world 10 months ago. Early on I noticed if it was knocked in the corner it would reset. Not owning a laptop before this one, I didn't know whether this was the norm so just avoided it getting knocked. After 10 month the touchpad started playing up so I decided I'd get it checked under warranty.

Today I got the shock of my life. I am told the laptop is water damaged, even though it's never been in contact with water.

I asked the retailer if they checked the laptop for water damage before selling me it. Their response was no they don't check them. They told me they're sat on display for 3 month then sold off once the line ends, but they aren't checked for any internal damage when been sold.

My problem is this. I'm now stuck with a £233 repair bill to fix a laptop I haven't damaged. PC World will not help me.

I need advice please. I know I haven't done this damage. I'd know if I had done this damage. It was sat on display for 3 month before been sold to me, with no checks been done before selling it to me.

I don't know what to do. Help me please! I can't afford this repair bill!

  wee eddie 22:32 16 Apr 2013

Water Damage has a habit of being immediate.

It is not likely to have been hidden from you for 10 months.

Water gets into a live part, that part fails. End of story.

  Jekalog 23:08 16 Apr 2013

Well it was still hidden to me after 10 months. I know full well I haven't caused it so the only place who could have caused it is the shop where it was on display for anybody to touch and mess with.

  spuds 23:44 16 Apr 2013

If you think that you are not getting a fair deal, then contact Dixon Group head office. You will find details here

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