Software - Sony CRX230E

  waterpau 09:54 08 Apr 2005


I recently purchased the above drive but, not being au fait with technology, purchased a package which included no software. I've completed a fairly exhaustive search on Google and the Sony website but can't locate any software.

Has anybody come across software / drivers for the Sony CRX230E CD-RW? If so, where are they?!

Any suggestions gratefully received.


  TOPCAT® 11:48 08 Apr 2005

virtually the same. TC.

click here

  waterpau 12:38 08 Apr 2005

Thanks, Top Cat.

Looking at your link, and the list of the package contents, I get the impression that the only software required for the new drive is that which actually burns the data to the CD. There doesn't appear to be any drivers required. However, I assumed a driver would be needed, because my problem is this: I've plugged the new drive in, but my PC gets stuck before boot-up. It finds the floppy drive OK, but doesn't seem to be able to find the SCSI (?). The PC works fine with the old drive connected, and also with the old drive disconnected, but Windows won't start with the new drive plugged in.

As I said, I'm a bit dull when it comes to technology, so am I missing something obvious?



  TOPCAT® 15:26 08 Apr 2005

as it auto-detects the new hardware. It should show up in Device Manager with no coloured exclamation or question mark visible alongside its entry. These denote the device is not installed properly. If there is then it's best to remove the device - highlight it and click on Remove.

Power off the machine, make sure the drive's jumper is set to master or slave as required and boot up again. Check again to see if it installed correctly.

You will need software ( Nero for example ) to burn CDs.

Let us know more about your system if the problem persists. TC.

  Sans le Sou 15:52 08 Apr 2005

All the drivers are Windows system32 drivers. As has been said you can choose the software for burning although if you have XP you do not need that either as the Win IMAPI drivers will do it. Can you describe what is connected to what so to speak in your computer.

  waterpau 16:27 08 Apr 2005

I'm currently running Windows 2000 Professional. As far as connections go, I've re-connected the new drive in the same way as the previous drive was connected. The four pronged attachment which is for power?, the large ATAPI interface cord and the smaller, four bit connecter master/slave all seem to be plugged in correctly - indeed, if I re-connect my old CD drive in this fashion it works fine.

Do you mean which cords are plugged into the motherboard/harddrive? I'll check over the weekend if that helps diagnosis.

As far as using device manager to check the status of the drive; Windows will not start with the new drive connected. It bombs out when the boot information is being searched for. So I can't get to device manager to check.

Apologies if that doesn't help much. I'll get some accurate connection info and the exact error message during start up over the weekend.



  Sans le Sou 19:41 08 Apr 2005

Is this drive new, only it could be a dud as by what you have described thus far it seems funny that the old config works ok and then nothing with the new drive.

  Sans le Sou 19:44 08 Apr 2005

Just a thought, does Windows 2000 have these drivers, I must confess that I know nothing about that OS.

  TomJerry 19:44 08 Apr 2005

i.e. master, slave or CS (cable select)

  waterpau 19:10 09 Apr 2005

Hi guys,

I noticed a green switch at the rear of the drive - I moved it to slave instead of master and this seems to have fixed the problem. PC boots OK and Windows recognised the drive.

So assumably W2K has the necessary drivers.

Apologies for my dullness, but thanks to TopCat, Sans le Sous and TomJerry for your advice. All of these problems are helping me to begin to understand the configuration of a PC...

OK. Now onto the next problem with my colour settings... he-he :)

  TOPCAT® 21:30 09 Apr 2005

No need to apologise and thank you for your thanks.

Should you need any further help, well, you'll know just where to come. ;o) Good luck! TC.

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