Software Piracy...

  DjayMeStarr 12:20 12 Jul 2004

I'm so tired of all the nonsence about software piracy and al the so called losses coused by the piracy...
Doesn't anybody stop to think that those same people using the programs illegaly, wil after using it to satisfaction probably buy the program IF they can afford it. So it is actually advertisement!

And the people who who can't afford to pay for it, just can't pay for it!
But maybe by using the programs illegaly, they wil eventually make some money and then be able to buy the program.
But if they don't buy it legally, and they couldn't crack the programs, than the supposed missed income would be none becouse then the program just wouldn't be used, so in my oppinion the program makers should stop nagging, be glad that their programs are poppular and therefore will interest buyers with the money to pay for the programs, with the ridiculous prises asked for the software!

  ventanas 12:41 12 Jul 2004

Is this a wind up or what? Piracy is illegal. It forces up the cost of software for legitimate buyers, and anybody who tries deserves to be caught. Oh and by the way, the penalties are severe. What you are saying makes not one little bit of sense. In fact it is nonsense.

  DjayMeStarr 12:48 12 Jul 2004

No it's not a wind up,
I'm quite sure that a lot of supposed missed income just doesn't exist.
That people use software illegaly doesn't mean it would be sold software if it couldn't be pirated, then all those 'milliones' just wouldn't be. Or do you think that if piracy is solved that all pirated versions wil turn into sold items?
you can't be that ignorant

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:13 12 Jul 2004

'Doesn't anybody stop to think that those same people using the programs illegally, wil after using it to satisfaction probably buy the program IF they can afford it.'......utter rubbish. If it is free or cheap that is the way they will go. Are you from Planet Earth?

'And the people who who can't afford to pay for it'...tough, that is life. You can either afford it or not. You do not have a right to owning anything. Are you from Planet Earth?

'program makers should stop nagging, be glad that their programs are poppular'....absolutely horrific, fancy a company spending millions on development and then expecting to make money. Whatever next, gas stations that sell petrol? Are you from Planet Earth?

I have to say that this is the most ludicrous thread that I have ever read. Either you are demonstrably insane or have been having too much 'exotic' substances.


  DjayMeStarr 13:23 12 Jul 2004

... that software is expensive is not because of the piracy it's because they ask rediculous prices.
It's just as with mp3s, you don't believe that everybody would have bought all their mp3s, if mp3 never had existed ? If there was no mp3 format then a lot of music just wouldn't be listened to.


  DjayMeStarr 13:35 12 Jul 2004

You know the truth of everything, i must be from another planet?
To me YOU are the one being misled by companies making uge profits crying wolf!

Hey people buying our software legally we're real real sorry but you have to pay 20 per cent more cuase some bad bad people use our program illegally you understand do you dear paying customer.

there's a name for this... ignorance and before you start crucifying me yes I've used software for a while but I bought it when i made enough money to do so. So maybe before you think you pass judgement onme, I think you're talking about yourself about not buying the software when i could about

  ventanas 13:35 12 Jul 2004

No I am not ignorant, far from it. I suggest you take GANDALF <|:-)>'s advice and lay of whatever it is you are on, or book yourself in somewhere to get your brain back.

GANDALF <|:-)>, I agree, the most ludicrous thread I have ever seen in more than two years on this forum. Hopefully it will be pulled.

  DjayMeStarr 13:37 12 Jul 2004

So maybe before you think to pass judgement on me, I think you're talking about yourself, about not buying the software when you could (after making some money).

  DjayMeStarr 13:40 12 Jul 2004

we just don't agree what's the matter am I not entitled to another view?

Then I truly am sorry

  troydi 14:07 12 Jul 2004

What you are doing, is trying to incite people to use pirated software. It's not legal. It's exactly the same as telling someone it's ok to go into a shop and pick up a copy of the software without paying for it. The developers have to earn a living. It's people who pirate the software/use pirate software who push the prices up because regardless, people have to be paid. If that doesn't happen, we end up with all these companies going out of business, and no choice of software. Or advancements. It's called the real world. Deal with it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:21 12 Jul 2004

I would advise you to get off your backside and earn some money so that you can afford the software.


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