Software License information required please

  recap 12:10 22 Mar 2004

At work we have a situation where by, an organisation is using our computer to do their work on. Soon they will be using their own computer equipment but want to use or software.

This I have told them they cannot do under the License Agreement conditions of the Software.

Their argument is that they are using it now so what is stopping them from installing it on their computers.

Now my problem is that they want to see were it says this in the agreement. I have looked on MS site but cannot find what I am looking for.

Can anybody direct me to the relevant page/site were this is covered under the License Agreement please?

  Aspman 12:20 22 Mar 2004

I believe (other probably know this in more detail) that unless you have a site licence to cover the installation of software on any number of machines within a particular organistaion; the licence you have will be per machine. This means that if they install software without obtaining a licence for each computer they will be breaking the law.

They would be allowed to used legally installed sofware on existing machines if the software was installed on a per machine licence. This might not apply if the licence was per user.

You might find useful info here click here

If you have the disks or the boxes for any of your software it will have the end user licence agreement printed (EULA) on it probably. I would also expect that the licence will be on the disk in the form a txt file somewhere.

  Sir Radfordin 12:26 22 Mar 2004

I think it may depend on who owns the computers and who pays the employees. If you are a client of this company then I very much doubt, even if they are working in your building/site, that your site licence will cover them.

A "site" licence doesn't (I don't think) cover a physical site but the organisation as an entity. There are two organisatins involved and so you will need two licences.

Don't know how you will be able to prove this to them though!

  recap 12:37 22 Mar 2004

Aspman & Sir Radfordin.

"A "site" licence doesn't (I don't think) cover a physical site but the organisation as an entity. There are two organisatins involved and so you will need two licences." This is exactly what I was meaning, Sir Radfordin.

We as an organisation have enough licenses to cover our usage, but they don't even have the software and want me to install it is on their computers using our license.

  ventanas 12:48 22 Mar 2004

You cannot do what you are being asked by this Company. If they want to use the software on their own computer they will have to buy it. From what you have said you are being asked to break the law.

It seems that you have simply been granting them a temporary use of a computer and software which is licenced to that computer.

There is no need for you to "prove" anything to anyone. Keep your installation discs locked up, and tell them a firm no.

  recap 13:43 22 Mar 2004

ventanas, I have told them that we would "break the law" if we installed the software on their computers.

The reason I need this in writing is that my board of Directors has asked me to supply the necessary information to pass on to them.

  wee eddie 16:00 22 Mar 2004

click here

Google EULA - Basically they've got to buy it to use it.

  Forum Editor 18:33 22 Mar 2004

You may not use your licence to install the software on a third party's computers. The fact that the other people are working in your offices isn't relevant - they aren't covered by your licence.

As Sir Radfordin has intimated - a site licence applies to a business entity, not to a building. If it did, you would have entire office blocks of twenty or so companies all using the same licence!

  recap 18:52 22 Mar 2004

I totally agree with you FE & others, but the organisation do not agree.

  Forum Editor 19:01 22 Mar 2004

You'll be in breach of your Microsoft EULA if you do what they want you to do. It's your licence, not theirs, and you must refuse their request.

  recap 19:33 22 Mar 2004

I agree with you again FE, but they do not understand the licensing laws on software which I have tried berbally to explain to them. This is why I need to get the written word to show them.

Going home now but will look in again tomorrow.

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