Software to copy DVD movies to HDD

  HenryVII 15:41 12 May 2015

I would like to copy all of my movies, on DVD, to HDD without losing the subtitles. I plan to get rid of the 30 or 40 originals, but still be able to enjoy the movies as much by streaming them to the TV.

So far I have MakeMKV and Handbrake. By the way the latter is NOT, as a PC Advisor article has said, a DVD ripper. Between them they do a good job, but the subtitles are lost. I have been looking at a number of website reviews pointing to a number of freeware products, but all, so far, have failed or not been free. I don't mind paying, within reason, but I would like to find something that I don't end up uninstalling fifteen minutes later. In the past I've spent too much on stuff that turns out not to do what the reviewer guessed at. Ideally I would like a product that, if it is not free, has a trial period that allows me to test it fully on, say, two DVDs before locking up. The last one I tried allowed a five minute DVD only....(???)

  wee eddie 17:53 12 May 2015

What you plan to do is illegal!

  hastelloy 07:55 13 May 2015

Try DVDFab9.

  HenryVII 08:01 13 May 2015

Thank you for the replies.

I was wrong about the subtitles; MakeMKV does not lose them, but they don't seem to be suppressible. That is, there seems to be no way of switching them off when you don't need them.

  martd7 14:19 13 May 2015

Look for dvd shrink you can leave the subs out,compress the file, all sorts,it will be an old version,think they stopped updating it some years back

Or as suggested dvdfab 9

  martd7 14:22 13 May 2015

DVD shrink

click here

  wee eddie 14:41 13 May 2015

Beta: I beg to differ, you have only considered part of the legislation.

It is no longer illegal to make copies of your DVDs, however, it is illegal to make a copy of your DVD and then give/sell the DVD to another.

  hastelloy 18:09 13 May 2015

wee eddie is correct.

  tullie 20:09 13 May 2015

The poster wants to copy to his computer,he hasent mentioned anything about giving or selling anything has he?

  wee eddie 21:20 13 May 2015

Tullie: Read his first paragraph

  HenryVII 08:09 14 May 2015

I read my first paragraph, but couldn't find the words 'give' or 'sell'.

Thank you all, anyway, for your remarks, and I will have another look at DVDShrink. In the meantime I will listen for the midnight knock of the DRM police.

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