so much for the Argos sale

  Main Access 15:13 26 Dec 2008

I was looking at the following before xmas, but thought I would wait till the sales

December 24th price

click here

Boxing day price

click here

Recession? What recession

  Stuartli 16:17 26 Dec 2008

Surely the Argos link will be the accurate version rather than a third party website?

  Stuartli 16:17 26 Dec 2008

The first link was posted at least a fortnight ago.

  curofone 16:28 26 Dec 2008

You can not expect all items to be dicounted all of the time and how do you know it was at £48 on the 24th as i have not seen anywhere that says that and if it was that price on 24th and you wanted one then you should have got one as it was over 50% off the rrp so how much more did you want off?

I am sure that there are many 100s if not 1000s of items that are cheaper today at argos then on the 24th but you have just found one that was on a very good special off before xmas and has gone up more since then but is still over 25% off the rrp

  spuds 16:54 26 Dec 2008

One thing that I did notice with an Argos promotional leaflet a few weeks ago. The item was advertised with a £68.00 saving, making a total of over £360.00 required for the purchase. Yet in small print it stated 'sold previous £298.00'. So perhaps one can assume the item was £428.00.

But Argos do make it quite clear, the price you pay, is at that days price when buying from a store, or on-line if the item is being delivered.

  CodeMeister 20:51 26 Dec 2008

Here's a voucher code that might be useful to you.

click here

Hope that helps.

  CodeMeister 20:52 26 Dec 2008

Aarghh, ignore that, it's for employees only.

  Stuartli 23:41 26 Dec 2008

>>how do you know it was at £48 on the 24th >>

As I stated, the first link was posted more than a fortnight ago.

I bought an X-Power 480W PSU from Maplins just a week ago for £25 which, at the time of an Internet search, was on offer with a £15 discount and, seemingly, an outgoing product.

This week it's back to the original £40, so I'm a very contented customer...:-)

  Main Access 01:19 27 Dec 2008

I know because I looked at the price on the Argos web site on the 24th. Obviously Argos have now removed the cheaper price from there website.
Also on the Argos site is a note in the additional information that reads

* Please note item 4230522 has previously been on sale at £48.89.

Silly me, I didnt see the point of a round trip of 100 miles to buy it, when i will be passing the shop on the 30th anyway.

  curofone 01:48 27 Dec 2008

100 miles round trip? where do you live, think i have about 10 stores within a 10 mile radius.

is there any chance that argos had a specific coffee maker sale before xmas as i noticed this is not the only one that was alot before xmas.

this machine is still at a good price because i can not find any store that has close to the price it is at now. or you could wait to the 16/01/09 as it states that how long the current price is valid and hope that it goes up and not down after then. I also imagine that before xmas it would have stated that the price was only valid to a certain date but i guess that is easily missed.

  Joe R 10:12 27 Dec 2008

Got a Canon Powershot A580, for the Good wife on Xmas eve, reduced from £130, to £68.

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