..so I ordered Broadbnd from Tiscali..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:22 05 Jul 2003

In the time -honoured tradition of this forum here is the latest news on the great Tiscali broadband test.

1) Area enabled on June 25th.

2) June 28th., whack in order. 1 BB @ 512k please.

3) email reply within 5 minutes...hee is your username and password etc...blah. blah, blah.

4) 2nd. email after 20 minutes...'yer free modem, filters x 2 and connection will be delivered wirhin 14 days. Degrade to pay as you go....2 more emails with registration details and free offer packages.

5 Thursday July 4th...email....Yo!, kit on its' way up by Consignia Special Delivery, by 1900hrs, Friday.

6) Modem and rest of bits duly arrive after 7 (not 10-14) days at 1030 (or they would have done if I had been in and had to collect from central PO. ;-)))

7) setup took 5 minutes on my computer and accordin gto my montor, I rattling along at 5892845 bps. :-))))))))))


  powerless 02:06 05 Jul 2003

Someones happy.

  bigdamouk 02:48 05 Jul 2003

Are you going to join us in the online gaming fraternity then?

  Forum Editor 08:41 05 Jul 2003

is definitely an asset to the forum.

Welcome to the 21st Century. Wi-Fi network next?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:13 05 Jul 2003

Coming back to planet earth.......Tiscali were top notch in their service keeping me informed at every stage of the process and they completed the order 3 days earlier than they had promised. For anyone contemplating BB the setup is really easy. As I used to use Tiscali for dialup it will be interesting to see how their BB fares.

Games?.....I am someone who finds minesweeper perplexing.


  Coaster3 11:03 05 Jul 2003

As a matter of interest only, what did it cost?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:31 05 Jul 2003

£27.99/month; modem, connection, 2 micro filters, all delivered by special delivery, were free. Seem to be connecting at 589824bps. Decided on Tiscali as they have always been excellent for speed and service. On 56k I was connecting at fast speeds consistently.


  daba 11:59 05 Jul 2003

I 'whacked-in' my order on 5th June.

On the 10th I had an e-mail saying there was a problem with my Name/TelNo./PostCode combination, to which I replied on the 12th June, providing both my Old and New Postcodes (It was changed earlier this year).

Nothing from them at all, then I had to go away on the 28th for work.

Still no response from them today, so I had to call them.

They told me to call BT.

I called BT, they had the new postcode OK but couldn't tell me when it had been updated.

Phone bill reminder dated 24th June still shows Old postcode though (strange....).

BT also told me that Tiscali should have resolved this, without asking me to call BT.

Whats bad though is they didn't contact me AT ALL between the 12th June and 5th July....

Hopefully the nice girl at Tiscali will now push this through 'urgently' as promised......

cya on BB soon, I hope,.

  daba 02:13 12 Jul 2003

It's now the 11th July, and still no B/B

ho hum, twiddle fingers, rata a tat tat drum fingers etc etc

anyone wanna guess who i'm calling tomorrow...?

  The Spires 10:25 12 Jul 2003

Oh No! :-)

  The Spires 10:25 12 Jul 2003

Oh No! :-)

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