sniping ebay auctions

  willhay 12:05 26 Apr 2003

does anyone know if these auction sniping programs work, I keep losing out and was gonna try one

  Coaster3 13:56 26 Apr 2003

The way to win at any auction is to decide how much you are prepared to pay, place your bid and if someone outbids you walk away.

If you win you have not paid more that the item was worth to you and if you lose the winner has paid more than you were prepared to.

Snipe engines do work but coaster3's advice is sound as thats the way i do it.

  lemon2 17:09 26 Apr 2003

It's far more fun sniping manually, if you want to snipe. With a little practice you can manually snipe within the closing two seconds

Although, you can outsniped by someone using sniping software, as I did last week. Manual snipe with 97/100ths of a second to go, outsniped 5/100ths of second later.

However, I'll only bid my max price when sniping just as I do when bidding normally. So, in one sense sniping can be a bit pointless; but it's there again its fun

But as Coaster says, bid your max, and if you're outbid - walk away. It all too easy to get into a bidding war, and end paying far too much for an item you nevertheless wanted but not at what you've ended up paying it.

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