Sneaky additional charge from BT?

  Chris the Ancient 18:56 02 Aug 2004

Der Boss just noticed it this evening.

She came in, the answerphone light was flashing - but no message. So she dialled 1471 to find out who called. It gave the number that called, said that you can dial 3 to redial that calling number. Then!!!... a little message popped up saying that there is normally a charge for this service!

So, how long have BT been pulling this dodge to get more money? Perhaps we ought to tell Jeremy Clarkson so he can reword his commercial!

  Chris the Ancient 19:22 02 Aug 2004

Tell everyone about it w-e-l-l in advance and they'll forget it.

Now, did I forget it or miss it?

They say that as you get older that the short term memory starts to do something or another. I forget what it is.


  Mister Splendid©® 19:54 02 Aug 2004

What happens as you get older is that the short term memory becomes something you forget you used to have.

  wee eddie 20:10 02 Aug 2004

Can't imagine why you thought it was free.

It is useful as you don't even have to remember the number, so I guess I shall carry on paying as I do for almost every other service that I need or find useful.

  Chris the Ancient 21:02 02 Aug 2004

That's the snag, it did used to be free (my favourite price) but stopped being free yesterday.

Der Boss has a memory span shorter than mine and used to just love option 3. But she will now write down numbers because she's tighter with money than I am.

But, at the end, I don't really care. We have two phones - a his/her relationship! And my phone is ntl who ain't done that (yet)!

  wee eddie 21:52 02 Aug 2004

I suppose I'll have to pay for my local calls next!

  spuds 22:25 02 Aug 2004

How long will it take for the 1471 or the 141 numbers to have a charge rate attached!.

  Chris the Ancient 23:04 02 Aug 2004


  carver 08:04 03 Aug 2004

I didn't realise that they had started charging for a service that had been free up to now, thanks for the info because my daughter uses it all the time.

  jimv7 08:05 03 Aug 2004

If its important they will ring again.

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