smart phone needed, what do you use?! HELP!

  78stonewobble 11:11 15 Oct 2006


i am currently using the brilliant sony ericsson p910i (see one here click here) but it needs replacing - battery life is now about a day and no one can fix it, plus new batteries don't work.

so i was thinking of getting a pda, but they confuse the HELL out of me!

all i really ask is for something with a touch screen like the sony ericsson and a brilliant diary function as i use it all the time. plus i am on pay as you go, so i don't want a contract. the rest is not that important, i will go up to around £250 absolute max.

what do you use and would you recommend it? please help me!

many thanks

  Dizzy Bob 17:42 15 Oct 2006

I use one of these which is excellent. You may be able to pick one up at retail for the price you are looking at, but they genarally are around £300

Ebay is an option if you are comfortable using that route.

click here

Pleae note the link is just a quick search, not a recommendation to use that particular vendor!!

The phone itself is excellent. Windows based PDA with pocket word and excel, simple to use, bluetooth for connecting to hands free, or in my case to tomtom for sat nav use.

I have had this phone (althogh branded as T Mobile MDA Compact) for about 14 months with no problems whatsoever. There is a newer version called the K-Jam which also has wi-fi, but this will probably be outside your budget.

click here are very good for this type of thing.



  78stonewobble 08:46 16 Oct 2006

god bless ya bob, that looks swell!

just a couple of questions if you don't mind - is the battery life good? i charge my 910 virtually everyday so ideally i'd like something with a bit more power!

also will it use micro outlook for the diary system? all sounds great!

when you say you connect it to tom tom how does that work? i have the most basic TT but not sure why you need to connect the phone, or does the phone work without the need for a TT unit?

thanks again and sorry for all the questions!

  Dizzy Bob 17:14 17 Oct 2006

Battery life is very good, i charge mine about every 3 days. Bluetooth drains the battery quite quickly when using the sat van, but i picked up a car charger for about £6 on ebay.

I use tomtom 5 mobile, which i bought seperately from the phone. TT software on a 128mb SD card, and a bluetooth GPS unit. Works very well. When i bought it (about 18 months ago) it was a much cheaper option than a stand alone TomTom, that is not now the case, so if you have a TT already don't bother!

Microsoft outlook is packaged with the phone for diary, email and sychronising notes with your PC. Pocket word and excel also included.

I have to say i would now personally go for the k-jam which adds wi-fi, and a slide out qwerty keyboard.

hope this helps.

Post again if you have any other questions.

god luck


  78stonewobble 13:32 29 Oct 2006

thanks for the advice, i did indeed get a kjam for £200 on ebay and so far so good!

thanks again

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