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  mikegm7 12:27 07 Nov 2005

I have recently been looking at a Franchise involved in the cleaning of Office PC's, printers,phones etc. One big draw back...the best part of £30,000!!! I would like to start my own small business. Does anybody know where i could purchase such professional cleaning sundries/products?

  PaulB2005 13:09 07 Nov 2005
  €dstowe 14:56 07 Nov 2005

It may cost a little more but, it may give your customers confidence in your cleaning company if you used cleaners that they are familiar with, at least initially while you are getting established.

By the way, what do you get for £30,000? Seems an awful lot of money for very little unless you are buying goodwill and a customer base. Even so, it's expensive.

  Forum Editor 16:03 07 Nov 2005

can be very lucrative - for the person offering the franchise.

As a prospective franchisee I urge you to look very carefully at the business before you invest a penny. Take some time to find out how well the business was doing before the franchise operation started. It's all very well to offer people a franchise for £30,000 but you must have something to franchise first. In the case of say, a KFC franchise you are more or less guaranteed a business, but office cleaning is another thing altogether - I can't really think of a single Office cleaning operation that I know by name.

You haven't asked for business advice, and I apologise if I'm saying things you know very well already, but nobody would get £30,000 of my money unless I knew pretty well everything about them and their existing business first.

  mikegm7 20:08 07 Nov 2005

No,I definitely wouldn't part with £30,000. Dont worry!! I am sure with the help available these days I am sure I could set up with a fraction of that amount! Anyway It's only a passing thought at the moment.

  PUNKA 21:05 07 Nov 2005

My daughter works for Natwest, and she has told me a few horror stories of people in business, who have never sought advice.Banks have Small business advice that they give for little or no cost,take some if you decide to go with it, and I wish you all the very best.

  spuds 21:35 07 Nov 2005

Apologies for perhaps sounding a little crude, but the opening of your posting may suggest the bacterial wipe type of cleaning franchise.If so, my advice is save your money and as a start, buy one or two copies of the franchise magazines available from most good high street newsagents.

A friend of mine 'bought' in to one of these business's, and her main task was to visit large companies, like banks etc and sanitize the office equipment [quick wipe and a spray].Three month's later of sheer boredom and lack of leads, she was seeking a buyer for 'her' business. No one was interested, and the rest was history, so to say.

  ade.h 22:31 07 Nov 2005

If you decide to set up something off your own back (and that's a much better prospect that a £30,000 franchise) I suggest you contact your local FSB branch and become a member. It's an invaluable source of contacts, support and information.

Federation of Small Businesses website click here

  mikegm7 09:56 08 Nov 2005

I just want to make it clear I have NO interest in buying and getting stuck with a franchise. I was merely stating the high cost of such franchises. And yes ,I would get advice,my wife works for Natwest.

  wee eddie 10:59 08 Nov 2005

Of course the asking price is high.

Relatively few pay the asking price.

  Mike D 11:21 08 Nov 2005

In the olden days when I was a business advisor at Birmingham Chamber of Commerce I used to ask prospective entrepreneurs the following questions:

1 How is the world managing without you at the moment i.e. what do they do for cleaning now?
2 Why should they come to you i.e. what can you offer that they don't already get
3 Name 10 prospective customers who have siad that they are definately interested.

It's aurprising how many people do not seek views about the viability of their business idea from outside their family and friends.

What I do know about any sort of cleaning market is that it will be cut throat, with some of the bigger player well able to run at a loss to hang onto contracts.

Most banks have frnchise experts who will give you good advice about this.

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