Sm call / SGS ltd remittance very disappointing!

  lgayuchan 22:00 22 Oct 2012

Been doing remittances with sm call / SGS ltd which at first was ok but it turned so so bad, Transferred money to their account 29 aug for a 3 day service but ranged them a week later asking them why money wasn't received back home the answer? Technical problem! The customer service promised to follow it up and remittance money will be received by family with in 3 days. 3 days passed but nothing, ranged them again thursday and was advised to check on Monday the following week. Now here comes Monday but still nothing was credited to the account back home and its the third week. Phone call again was made and still their technical problem was at fault but they promised it will be credited within that week I ask for someone who is in charge hoping to be told a sensible reason they gave a number but instead it doesn't ring as it will go straight to a voicemail. Ranged customer service again but no one is picking my calls. The following day, tried to call customer service again but my call was being ignored for 3 times. 4rth try still no one is picking up but while doing this, I used my wife's mobile phone and guess what happened? A quick answer from sm call customer service which unlucky for him to be told off and being caught by surprise. I insisted to speak to somebody but shocking to know that customer service cannot do anything but to just email finance dept for follow ups and queries of remittances at the next conversation i was being told that due to Technical problems there will be a further 2-4 weeks delay, I now had enough of this foolish answers so I asked for a refund which they sent me a refund form sent back the form immediately on the 24th of September which it says refund will be on my account within 2 weeks. Ranged them 26/09/12 and they confirmed the form was received although I have proof of postage just in case and again was told will be on my account within 2 weeks which I thank god coz at last problem sorted. I thought its finished but still two weeks later ringing them for the same question where is my money? The next day October 10 ranged them again and now I discovered they can actually transfer my call to the head of finance? Mr head of finance of course apologised but blaming the mistake to his employees who mislooked my claim?! Hello?! He promised that by Friday 13 of October refund will be on my account if non to ring them on Monday 15 October and of course am not surprised ringing them again! On the 15th and again Mr head of finance blamed it to human error and re assured that I will received it by Friday 19 October? Up until today 22nd of October still cannot get hold of mr head of finance as he is on meeting whole day and again customer service told me that they will follow it up and will ring me back which they never do for the past month?! Really angry and frustrated! Have a family and work to think not this stupid phone calls which has the worst customer service waiting time ever!!! Any advices please? Was thinking legal action but how? Is it worth it?

  Forum Editor 23:42 22 Oct 2012

If you paid over some money on 29th August and it has still not been received by your family on 22nd October or refunded to you something has gone badly wrong. There can be no 'technical problem' that results in that kind of delay.

Can I ask, how much money is involved, and do you have any record of the names of the people you have spoken to? Don't mention any names here, just tell me if you have them. We can take this one step at a time.

  lgayuchan 09:04 23 Oct 2012

Surely It's a very small amount for them but for me it ruined my budget coz I have to send same amount via another remittance company it's close to £500. Can remember only 2 names from customer service and of course mr head of finance. Have a copy of refund letter plus the photocopy of refund form that was sent. Surely with my long calls it will appear on my mobile monthly bill

  Forum Editor 11:13 23 Oct 2012

That is not a small amount of money, and as things stand the company is in breach if its obligation to send the funds on to the destination you specified. It has also failed to honour the various promises it made, and you now need to get an immediate refund.

I suggest that you email the company, outlining the various failings you have described here, and say that you require your funds to be returned within seven days.

Say that you reserve your rights in this matter, and that if the funds are not returned within the time stated you will take further action for recovery.

This is your money, and the company has mismanaged the transaction, it had a duty of care with reference to your money, and it has failed in that duty.

  lgayuchan 18:13 23 Oct 2012

Thanks, probably email is the best way as phone calls are being ignored tried many times today.

  Forum Editor 22:57 23 Oct 2012

Email is the best way for a reason - it gives you a documentary evidence to show that you made the request, and the date and time of it. Saying that you made a phone call is not evidence that you did make it.

  bluekyle98 18:39 24 Oct 2012

i have just recently been having the same problem.the longer i have been with them the longer the remittance takes. i have been waiting for 24 days now with either no return call, technical problems, need to check with remittance , or the person in charge was not there. i have already in the process of seeking advice and i am in the process of taking some actions to get my money refunded or legal actions will be done. its true. this is not about how much amount of money but the care and service that they have failed to provide.

  Forum Editor 19:03 24 Oct 2012

I have now written to this company about the two complaints recorded here, and I've offered a right of reply in the forum.

As soon as I hear anything further I will update you.

  lgayuchan 08:19 25 Oct 2012

Thank you, am sure there are many other customer out there with same problem with this company.

  lgayuchan 20:42 04 Nov 2012

Wow! Really it's unbelievable! Nov 4 still sm call/sgs international has not sorted my refund despite email and phone calls?!

  bluekyle98 18:11 11 Nov 2012

@Igayuchan i hope you got your problem sorted. Ive just recently sorted mine. I had help from citizens advice beureau.

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