Slow speed from Tiscali

  ened 17:19 28 Sep 2006

I am still experiencing painfully slow speeds at certain times of the day.

I believe that ~Tiscali have oversubscribed the area and would be interested to know if anybody else on this Forum :

a)Lives in Newquay
b)Uses Tiscali and
c)Is also experiencing slow speeds (0.1meg at teatime and all over the w/e)?

  Stuartli 17:43 28 Sep 2006

Have you taken it up with Tiscali on its BB support line?

Quite often the person dealing with your call can test/work on your line to improve the situation.

  Stuartli 17:44 28 Sep 2006

Tiscali, like most ISPs, works on a 50:1 contention ratio.

  Jackcoms 17:46 28 Sep 2006

a) No

b) Yes

c) Slower speed in the afternoon and evenings are a fact of life whether you live in Newquay or Bongo Bongo Land. That's when business (and particularly the USA) wake up and start to use the Web

  ened 17:54 28 Sep 2006

I appreciate that "Slower speed in the afternoon and evenings are a fact of life". But these speeds are too slow.

Stuartli: whatever the supposed contention ratio I have my suspicions they are going above it.

They keep telling me to call their support line but all that happens is I am put on hold for indeterminate amounts of time on a premium rate line.

Incidentally I have now written twice by snail mail and copied these to their on-line support and not received even an acknowledgement.

Pity they don't, like Mesh, have a presence on this forum.

  gilmore 18:15 28 Sep 2006

I live in Ayrshire Scotland alao experiencing slow speeds from Tiscali

  Stuartli 18:22 28 Sep 2006

I used to be with Tiscali (now with TalkTalk) - Tiscali's 1 and 2MB speeds were generally good for most of the day and evening during my 15 months on its BB service.

Virtually everyone I know with BB around this area has Tiscali, apart from an odd BT or Telewest subscriber...:-)

  alB 18:29 28 Sep 2006

Merseyside area and slower than dial up speed at times ...alB

  ened 18:41 28 Sep 2006

Have you tried contacting them about it?

  Stuartli 18:45 28 Sep 2006

Merseyside is a very big area and has a large number of telephone exchanges...:-)

I live on Merseyside.

  alB 21:10 28 Sep 2006

Wirral side of the river, ened, did contact them on a couple of occasions but didn't get very far, I'm afraid the language differences are a big hinderence ...alB

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