slow server!!

  jgosden 20:21 05 Mar 2004

I am having great difficulty accessing my website, particularly over the past week, either because the requests timeout, or an error message appears from IE saying that the request is pending. Access to all other websites were working fine during that period – and we have a broadband connection,

If it does work it can still take up to 2 minutes to load the page.

i use streamlinenet click here

click here

personally i don't think this acceptable for a web host and i really wanted other comments to help my case. I want to start putting together a log of problems to hopefully get a refund as i really have had enough! However i can imagine it will be my internet connection that is blamed so wondered if others were to also report errors at other times as well then i might have more to go on.

I am not sure really. ANY HELP would be appritiated but frankly i have had enough!! what can i do??? where do i go from here???? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  cycoze 20:29 05 Mar 2004

Just tried click here and the full page was up in about 14 seconds on dialup .

  jgosden 20:31 05 Mar 2004

thanks, thats not to bad!!

i am just finding that sometimes it works and mostr of the time it dosn't it took 50 seconds 20 minutes ago and then timed out

  Andybear 12:47 06 Mar 2004

Just tried both sites and both full pages were up in less than two seconds - 600k broadband connection.

  jgosden 20:09 08 Mar 2004

am i going mad (quite possible)

or is my website not working at all at the moment

click here

  romanab 20:14 08 Mar 2004

Just tried it and it was fine(about 20 seconds,dialup)

  jgosden 20:29 08 Mar 2004

gdgd !! -- it seems to just suddenly stop working for a while, thanks anyway!!

  SEASHANTY 20:33 08 Mar 2004

Yes its pretty slow. Here on NTL 600k BB and websites usually load instantaneously. Your link took around 56 seconds so it is slow.

  jgosden 21:07 08 Mar 2004

i thought so!!! i have bt 512k bb and it takes a while. sometimes it works fast and sometimes its really slow, but if you had come across this site you arn't going to wait for it to load and therefore if i was a company (i'm not) i would lose business which is why i don't think its really on!

  iqs 21:59 08 Mar 2004

cc jgosden

i have a similar problem with bt yahoo b/b 512.either the site is not responding or it takes for ever to load.not good.

  jgosden 07:52 09 Mar 2004


i will add this to my list of times when the site didn't work, then will mail it to them and tell them i have had enough, and if they refuse then i shall cancel and move my site to hostplus who seem a lot better!!

maybe i didn't pay that much and even though it is working ok now i am still sick of them.

I sent an email on friday and am waiting to here from them sadly although the say they reply to email within 5 hours and absolutely always within 24 they havn't been doing that either

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