Slotted DVD Burner

  david58 21:40 01 Jan 2008

Hi All,
Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a DVD burner with a slot entrance rather than the drawer which goes in and out?
I have a slotted DVD reader of unknown origin and would like a burner, but can't find one even on eBay (where I expect to find anything and everything).
Any ideas anyone?
David Edwards

  MCE2K5 21:53 01 Jan 2008

This, click here

Plus This, click here

  DieSse 22:03 01 Jan 2008

click here

Is a slimline one - that seems to be the only type around just now.

Search google for .. slot load dvd writer .. and have atrawl through to see what may be up to date.

  david58 22:42 02 Jan 2008

Thanks for that.
It seems that only notebook/laptop computers have slot loading burners these days. I certainly can't see me fitting one of these into my tower case.
I'll keep searching eBay, as you suggested, with slot load DVD burner as the search and see what crops up.
Many thanks for your help.

  pchelper001 11:23 03 Jan 2008

a dvd slot burner is made my plextor.

take a look and google 'plextor PX-716AL'

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