SLi - education required...

  Peter-202202 13:00 25 Jan 2005


Can somebody please set me straight

Suppose that you can SLi between two PCIe x1 speed slots as opposed to x2 PCIe x16 slots?

If the former how much faster than AGP is this? and would it be worthwhile doing?

Am looking at the Mesh fireblabe.

Many Thanks in advance


  Mysticnas 13:25 25 Jan 2005

SLi can be done with Nvidia PCi-Express GRAPHICS cards.

To put it simply, one card renders the top half while the other renders the bottom half or the display.

You have twice the graphics power(theoretically).

So all in all, you're going to have a more powerful card than the you currently use (depending on what card you use now.. lol) plus another one on top of that.

It makes it easier by spreading the work load across 2 GPU's, similar to DUAL CPU etc.

Now whether the SLi feature will function with all software on your machine or just with some i'm not sure. That will probably be dependant on the driver settings???

Hope this helps.

  Peter-202202 14:23 25 Jan 2005

that are PCIe x1 slots (as opposed to the faster x16 slots)

been looking at the m/boards and the majority have 1 x pcie(x16) and 2 to 3 x pcie(x1) with a couple of normal pci slots

apologies if i am being really stupid.....

  Mysticnas 15:35 25 Jan 2005

i can understand how it can be confusing.

SLi is a technology associated with Graphics cards. Motherboards that support SLi will clearly be marked as such, and will have 2x PCI-E (16x) slots for both graphics cards.

Graphics card that support SLi will also be marked clearly as currently this is a new feature (Big new feature). and will have an extra connection strip on the opposite side of the card to where it plugs into the motherboard.

When both card are plugged in to the motherboard a small bridge is placed on both cards (via this extra connection strip) to enable SLi.

Does this make it any clearer?

  Peter-202202 00:00 26 Jan 2005

it was the whether or not you needed 2x16 slots that was getting me....

thanks for the enlightenment!


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