Skype/Paypal fraud

  Widow's Son 15:32 12 Jun 2008

I have never used Skype - I did download it a load of months ago but couldn't get it to work. I never gave them any payment details

I've just had an email from paypal for Euro 115 payment to skype.

Suspecting a dodgy email I logged into my paypal account (from browser not from any links in email) and found the payment listed.

I've reported matter to my bank and stopped the card (too late for payment already gone) and paypal who are holding the money and not passing it on to the seller while they review the transaction

Has/is anyone else having similar problems?

N.B. At the moment I do not know if the demand for payment has come from Skype or not - it just claims to be from Skype

  Arnie 17:20 12 Jun 2008

A safer option for anyone wishing to use Skype, is to buy a voucher from Sainsburys' and other outlets, then enter the voucher number in Skype's pay by voucher box.

  Widow's Son 17:32 12 Jun 2008

But I've never used skype! I'm not slagging them off as it may not be them at fault here but some type of fraud.

Something I should have mentioned above - I got an email this morning from paypal stating my Payment Agreement with Skype had been created and then a few seconds later the 115 euros debited.

And there's me thinking an agreement needed two parties!

  laurie53 18:42 12 Jun 2008

I had someting similar - it's a Paypal scam, not Skype.

E-mail (from Paypal) telling me a payment agreement had been set up and seconds later, before I could even call Paypal, £190 odd for an MPs player to an address in Liverpool.

Give Paypal their due, the money was refunded in less than an hour.

  Widow's Son 11:38 20 Jun 2008

I still don't know what happened! Paypal have refunded the money and marked the dispute closed without any explanation (it may just be because 7 days have passed since they attempted to contact "skype" have. It has left me very wary of Paypal.

I've cancelled my cards with paypal (and the card they charged has been cancelled with the bank)

From now on it'll be cheques I think

  jpdokter 17:08 23 Aug 2010

I had a bigger issue, I just send Paypal a complaint about a authorisation for the payment of an amount of 1206 euros. Under the name of Research In Motion.

Hey... that's funny... I HAVE A BLACKBERRY....

I don't know whether I should be terrified or angry.
I changed my security questions and passwords.

I only found out today that it was such a humongous amount... since the mail doesn't name an amount... which I think is faulty.

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