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  anchor 10:17 18 Feb 2008

Until recently I had never received a call from a person using Skype.

This last week, I received 4 Skype calls from my son in the south of France. The first was fine, and perfectly clear. The second was fair. The last two were positively awful, being almost unintelligible.

Is this typical of Skype?.

When I call France I use 18185, which costs only 1p/min, and is perfect. (A Skype call to a landline in France costs 1.4p/min).

click here

Does anyone know if there a similar low cost service for calls originating in France?.

  Al94 11:30 18 Feb 2008

Nice find anchor, we go a friend in Soith Africa and the last call cost around £8! I'll try 18185 in future

  Arnie 19:05 18 Feb 2008

I've used Skype to call landlines and also on a computer to computer basis.

My brother regularly calls a cousin in South Africa and we have always had good clear speech using This VoIP provider.


  anchor 17:09 20 Feb 2008

As a computer to computer call costs nothing, one can accept that the quality may be variable.

It is not free when calling a land line, (and probably more expensive than using 18185), low quality is completely unacceptable.

From the lack of response, it seems that few forum members are Skype users.

As far as I`m concerned they can keep Skype.

  Arnie 18:28 20 Feb 2008

"As a computer to computer call costs nothing, one can accept that the quality may be variable."

I've never had any problems with Skype quality of late - on the back of Virgin Media broadband.
Remember, Skype has no control of the security, or the quality of the landline connection signal once it has left their system.

"I've used Skype to call landlines...."
Notice my opening sentence in my previous posting is in the past tense.

My wife and I now use the VM dial anytime service. This allows free 01/02/03 prefixed UK numbers 24/7.
Although my use of the telephone is minimal to say the least, my wife gets more than her money's worth ringing all her friends locally and in Yorkshire.

My use of Skype is now generally computer-to-computer, about twice a month, if I’m lucky.


  Stuartli 21:31 20 Feb 2008

My Skype to Skype conversations to one of the offspring who lives in the Caribbean are crystal clear; certainly as good as to anyone in the UK...:-)

  Miros 23:46 20 Feb 2008

I have used Voipdiscount for a couple of years now with generally good reseptionn with PC to LAND LINES free for first 120 days then 0.05 Euro per minute till you use up your ten Euro deposit (not £) and then after you deposit a further ten Euros, it's 120 days free calls again, and so on. click here

One tip when reseption quality is poor, disconect and dial again this usualy cures the problem

This works out about Twenty Euros (less than £20) for one year for all our phone calls around the world and at home, excluding line rental of course, don't know how to get out of that one:-)

As with Skype, calls between PC to PC Viopdiscont subscibers are always free.

  Arnie 00:19 21 Feb 2008

be very variable in quality.
We may have both been lucky.

Possibly the weaknesses are to and from Skype in many cases, probably at Skype's landline input and exit points.

In the case of computers, it's not a good idea to have virus updates and file scans etc. running in the background.
This can sometimes break up the Skype connection.

Miros. Voipdiscount looks like a very good deal and cheaper than Skype.
I like the 300mins free calls offer.

  Miros 00:26 21 Feb 2008

I honestly had forgotten about the 330 minutes a week limit, only my wife ever gets near that:-)

300 minutes is a lot of talking 5 hours even for her is a lot of talking.

  Stuartli 10:11 21 Feb 2008

I'm not using a telephone line - it's PC to PC, it's absolutely free and there's no luck involved.

I don't have "virus updates and file scans etc" running in the background.

Perhaps you should follow the sound configuration setup at Skype's website to ensure you have set it up correctly.

click here

By the way, Skype is widely used by Asian call centres to minimise costs.....:-)

  anchor 10:25 21 Feb 2008

"Skype is widely used by Asian call centres to minimise costs". Perhaps that is why sometimes the quality of calls to Asian centres is so poor.

I don`t know the quality of the land line my son is using in France, to connect to Skype, (though I suspect it is good, as he has not mentioned it). He is living in Antibes. At my end, there is no problem.

I know there a few forum members based in France; does anyone know if there a similar low cost service (like 18185 here), for calls originating in France. Or, has France Telecom got the market sewn up?.

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