The Ghost of Inept Pig 12:48 08 Dec 2005

Hi all,

Recently picked up a free kit for this in London (which consisted of: Shiny plastic bag, ear phones, mini-CD/DVD - it was the shiny bag that lured me in though), and wondered if anyone had any prior experience/knowledge of Skype?

I've had a look around the official website (click here), but wondered if you kind people could share your own experiences of using the service.


  Diodorus Siculus 13:52 08 Dec 2005

I use it to contact family around the world and it works pretty well most of the time.

Simple to set up and low on resources. Version 2 (now in beta) does Video.

Some will tell you to avoid it because you will already have MSN messenger if you run a windows machine but it is much less intrusive that MSN.

  DieSse 15:52 08 Dec 2005

Also try Gizmo click here open source, and touted as a Skype killer.

  wallbash 16:19 08 Dec 2005

Have used Skype/gizmo and gtalk !

Brilliant idea, a great fan , but as for your freebi
Dump it. Invest in a usb phone , the cheap ones just plug into a spare port.

Felt like a call centre with the head phones on.

Others have told me they felt computable ???

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 16:39 08 Dec 2005

It's an idea - I must admit that I'd paid no attention to Skype before I picked up the shinky packeted freebie, but having researched it, it does seem to be quite a good option.

As for phones, are there any USB roaming phones? Or would I be best off getting something like click here and using my existing phone?

Finally, are there any drawbacks to using Skype?

  Saali Chuud 16:43 08 Dec 2005
  Arnie 18:42 08 Dec 2005

The following may be helpful to anyone considering using the service.

Use a noise cancelling headset. I recommend the Plantronics ones as reliable sets.
At the time I bought mine, they were giving away a couple of euros worth of telephone credit to get you started.

I use it for local calls, because if the call is short it can sometimes cost less then ntl's 5p connection charge.

The vat cost is only rated at 15%. This is because the calls are routed through Luxembourg and that is their current vat rate.

To use this service, it is necessary to buy Skype credit on their secure site. This costs €10.00 or €25.00.
Note euros not pounds. This amount is converted to pounds on your credit card billing.

It is necessary to maintain your account by making just one paid call every 6 months. If you do not do this, your credit will be zeroed.

It costs nothing to ring another computer using the same system.
Your privacy is not compromised, since the calls are fully encrypted within the Skype generic network.
The encryption is only lost when a landline connection is established.

All the setting up procedures and other help can be found at the following URL.

click here

Hope this is useful.


  flycatcher 19:01 08 Dec 2005

I have been using Skype, worldwide, for some time. It is great and I agree about the Plantronics Headset.

  wint 00:40 11 Dec 2005

I use Skype to speak to my daughter in Texas.

Better quality line than conventional calls - usually. I have had the odd occasion where the call disconnects but normally very reliable.

I use a DECT (cordless) Dualphone. click here It plugs into both a BT phone socket and USB socket on the PC so can be used for normal and Skype calls. Good bit of kit.

Skype to Skype calls are free, can't get cheaper than that & in my experience at least as good as "normal" paid for calls.

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